Pierre Cardin Updates Fashion Winter/ Fall Fashion Trends In 2023

Fall/ Winter has already come; let's explore the latest fashion trend in 2023 with Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam!

1 - Quiet Luxury - Popular Trend In 2023

"Quiet Luxury" has become an attractive trend for fashion lovers in 2023. "Quiet" is reflected in concealing the brand logo. "Luxury" is perfect in handcrafted material, the shape that indicates the owner's status, masterful, and knowledgeable. 


Quiet Luxury

(Figure 1 - Quiet Luxury is the predominant trend in 2023)


Quiet Luxury designs are often minimalist, elegant, and enduring quality, making them trendy over time. Classic Dress Shoes with Italian cowhide leather Patina from Berluti, a classic suit, and a cashmere wool sweater from Loro Piana.

*Recommendation Quiet Luxury: Leather Classic Oxford Shoes - PCMFWLG 355


2 - Color 

A) Radiant Red

From London Fashion Week in London (New York) to Paris, radiant red has chased away the usual gloomy cold of Fall/Winter. Fashionistas like Alexander Mcqueen, Prada, Victoria Beckham, Bottega Veneta, Etc., have positively responded to this colour. 


Sắc đỏ tràn ngập các sàn diễn thời trang Thu/ Đông 2023

(Figure 2 - Red dominates the Fall/Winter fashion runways)


Customers can choose red as the primary point to highlight their individuality or mix it with red accessories to demonstrate elegance and sophistication. 

*Recommendation: Pierre Cardin Women's Square-toe High Heels - PCWFWSG 216


B) Subtle Butter Gold

Brighter and more elegant - Brands often favored the Butter Gold as red. This pastel tone is versatile in outfit combinations and can make a Lady's appearance shine like the morning sun. However, color also causes technical flaws in crafting technique, requiring meticulous crafting, suitable for the Quiet Luxury trend.


Vàng bơ là màu sắc trendy của mùa Thu/Đông 2023

(Figure 3 - Delicate and sweet butter gold is favored by fashion lovers for Fall/Winter 2023)


C) Seductive Black

Despite changing trends, black remains at the top of choices each season. In 2023, black is associated with a mysterious, attractive, alluring “Female fatale" or “Dark Academia”. A long black coat paired with brown knitwear, dress shirt, or boots shoes -  Customers can have a highly fashionable outfit.  


Màu đen quyến rũ và quyền lực luôn là xu hướng mỗi mùa

 (Figure 4 - Seductive black is never out of fashion)

*Recommend Femme Fatale style: Pierre Cardin Women's Square-toe High Heels - PCWFWSH 228


3 - Pattern

A) Floral Pattern 

In a developing global economy, fashion has tried to bring joy and positivity to the Fall/Winter 2023 trend. Floral patterns, typically associated with spring, are now blooming on designs from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and others. Ladies can simply exploit its summer floral dress with warm outerwear to embrace a colorful Fall/Winter.   


Họa tiết hoa cỏ là xu hướng mùa thu đông 2023

(Figure 5 - Vibrant floral patterns in the Fall/Winter 2023 fashion season) 


B) Stripes

Stripes are one of the ordinary and classic patterns. They evoked a sense of French elegance and classic designs by Saint Laurent or Dior. A striped scarf, a long coat, or a striped skirt can highlight the overall point outfit without mixing with excessive accessories.


Họa tiết kẻ sọc kinh điển qua mỗi mùa

(Figure 6 - Classic striped patterns for Fall/Winter 2023)


4 - Material: Leather 

In contrast to the novelty of colors or patterns, the standout material for Fall/Winter 2023 is leather. Natural leather has always been a symbol of luxury and mastery. Therefore, when leather tea roses are made of leather, adorn Chanel's garments or Saint Laurent’s 100% authentic leather biker jackets - perform the owner's "quiet luxury."


Chất liệu da thuộc luôn là biểu tượng của sự sang trọng và thời thượng

(Figure 7 - Leather has always been luxury and sophistication)


Customers can quickly follow the trends of this material by using leather shoes or leather bags   

*Referring to customers: Men's shoe collection by Pierre Cardin


5 - Items

A) Oversize Scarves 

Scarves remain in fashion, but they are twice as warm this time due to their larger size, almost replacing blankets. To make an impression, Customers can pair a red or striped scarf with black clothing as suggested by Saint Laurent, or match the same scarf with an outfit for a unique look like Hermes.


Khăn choàng to

(Figure 8 - Oversize Scarves become trendy for their convenience and style) 


B) Duffle Coats

Duffle coats originated in Belgium in the early 1900s. This product is typically made of thick wool, large in size, and known for its good warmth retention and durability; therefore, workers and sailors are very fond of them. Over time, they have become a must-have item for Winter, style and functionality.


Áo khoác Duffle ấm áp

(Figure 9 - Warm and thick wool coats are a winter essential)


C) High Boots 

If Customers choose one iconic shoe for Fall/Winter, it is boots! Leather boots have good waterproof ability and can easily match cold weather outfits. This year's trend is knee-high boots that can be paired with skirts or dresses while keeping Ladies warm.


Giày Boots là đôi giày sinh ra dành cho mùa Thu/ Đông

(Figure 10 - Boots are born for the Fall/Winter)


However, over-the-Knee boots can sometimes show imperfections in the leg. As an alternative, Ladies should choose mid-cowhide boots that are suitable for outfits from dresses, skirts to jeans.


D) Accessory: Clutch Bags

Medium-sized clutch bags are a trend for Fall/Winter this year, especially high fashion brands like Miu Miu, Jil Sander, Givenchy, Etc. They can carry many items such as wallets, documents, and makeup. Clutch bags are suitable for both Gentlemen and Ladies.


Túi clutch tiện dụng

(Figure 11 - Clutch bags are versatile and suitable for anyone)


Above are the famous fashion trend waves in the Fall/ Winter of 2023. We hope this article can bring Customers helpful fashion recommendations. 



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy

Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc

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