When Dress Shoes and Shirts Create Office Gentleman Identity

If you are a fan of American movies, you are likely familiar with the image of Gentlemen wearing suits and Dress Shoes. These movies reflect the character of European Gentlemen - polished, sophisticated, and elegant. 


1 - How Is Office Fashion In Vietnam Differ From Europe?

Europe is the birthplace of “Tailoring" - originally used for the aristocracy class. Therefore, European fashion has always symbolized sophistication and elegance with countless rules. By inheriting these values, European fashion maintains formality, gentleness and standards. It is indicated in the office fashion that the environment needs sophistication. 


Trang công sở tại các nước phương Tây luôn đĩnh đạc và lịch lãm

(Figure 1: Office fashion cultures in European countries are diverse but still maintain classic color.)


European Gentlemen never go to work in a shirt, casual trousers, or jeans, ... with a sloppy appearance. They never go with Notable features include:  

  • Clothing: Typically, well-fitted suits, dress shirts, blazers paired with tailored trousers. Office clothing always fits the body to accentuate the Gentleman's statue;

  • Colors: Preference for warm tones like beige, brown, gray, and blue navy connecting with classic striped patterns;

  • Material: Clothing is often made of thick materials to maintain shape and provide warmth;

  • Shoes: European office gentlemen focus on footwear. They often opt for Oxford or Derby Dress Shoes or the more comfortable Loafers (leather slip-on shoes). Only formal Dress Shoes are considered appropriate for the office environment, harmonizing with elegant suits.


Besides, Office Gentlemen also demand accessories. They prioritize leather for bags and backpacks - a traditional and premium material. They are favored in classical mechanical watches and tie clips. 


What sets apart office fashion colors in Vietnam?


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Classic Fashion (2023)

(Figure 2 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: “With the unique climate in Vietnam, office clothing tends to be less discreet and rule-bound)


Compared to Europe, office fashion in Vietnam tends to be more relaxed and less rule-bound. Partly due to the hot and humid climate throughout the year, Vietnamese office fashion often matches simple designs and lightweight fabrics. Specifically:  

  • Clothing: Dress shirts or polo shirts paired with European trousers. Suits and vests are usually used for management and leadership positions in companies.

  • Colors: More diverse. We can easily see bright colors like blue, pink, and white.

  • Material: Preference for lightweight, cool materials such as cotton and crocodile fabric.

  • Shoes: This is a common point between office fashion in Vietnam and Europe. We also use sophisticated Dress Shoes but usually choose convenient Loafers laceless. 


In summary, official fashion in Vietnam is more diverse and free-spirited than in Europe. However, elegance and formality are still respected.   Interestingly, the higher the position, the more standard and rule-compliant a Gentleman's attire becomes. This contributes to reflecting an individual’s status within the business


2 - Dress Shoes Pierre Cardin: When European Standards Showcase High Status In Vietnam 

Dress Shoes are an important part of office fashion in Europe and Vietnam. A pair of standard Dress Shoes will contribute to portraying the grave and ambition in a career. 


"How does a pair of Dress Shoes satisfy the European standard?"


Standard Dress Shoes must be made of genuine leather. The shoes’s shape should be sturdy and neat. For premium shoe lines, shoe soles may use genuine leather and handcrafted using European techniques )(such as McKay or Good-year). In summary, European standard Dress Shoes have to meet standards from material, crafting techniques to products.

*Premium Shoes Sole: https://pierre-cardin.vn/collections/giay-tay-nam-cao-cap-pierre-cardin-deluxe-choice-leather-shoes


Currently, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam holds the NUMBER ONE OF DRESS SHOES SYSTEMS in Vietnam. The brand has 100 retail locations across 50 provinces and cities in Vietnam, presented in three showcase Asian countries: Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. Pierre Cardin is one of the world's top luxury fashion brands from the fashion capital of Europe - Paris capital (France). Therefore, all Dress Shoe products adhere to Western standards. 


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Bộ Sưu Tập Giày Tây Đế Da Cao Cấp (2023)

(Figure 3 - Premium Leather Shoes Collection from Pierre Cardin)


  • Materials: Pierre Cardin Dress Shoes are committed to using premium calf leather, 100% imported.

  • Production: Pierre Cardin Paris applies European handcrafted technologies such as McKay, Goodyear, and Cementing sole technology.

  • Styles: Pierre Cardin offers a variety of Dress Shoes, from classic Oxford and Derby to convenient Loafers.

*Reference of Pierre Cardin Dress Shoes: https://pierre-cardin.vn/collections/giay-tay


Pierre Cardin Dress Shoes points out the definition of European Dress Shoes. Pierre Cardin always believed that “Standards define the class of a Gentlemen". Whether at any position, sophistication in attire contributes to asserting our current and future values.   


3 - A Shirt Will Complete The "Mix & Match" Effect With Pierre Cardin Leather Shoes 

Vietnamese office fashion will always have formal and convenient white shirts. Dress shirts, European trousers, and Dress Shoes are three important items but never old-fashioned to office Gentlemen. Gentlemen should choose a white shirt to mix clothes easily. A color is suitable for any style of trousers and shoe colors. Combining with a few accessories, Gentlemen achieve a sophisticated yet timeless appearance.

*Reference of Oscar Fashion Office Bag:  https://pierre-cardin.vn/collections/tui-xach-nam


Accompanying Pierre Cardin Paris VietnamOscar Fashion - A fashion brand from the United States. Oscar Fashion products are also consistently developed with passion and meticulous care in every stage, from choosing leather materials to aligning with the values of Pierre Cardin. An Oscar Shirt will be a perfect match with Pierre Cardin Dress Shoes. 


Oscar Fashion: Áo Sơ Mi Oscar Fashion (2023)

(Figure 4: Oscar Shirts Collection brings perfectionism to Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam)

*Reference of Oscar Fashion Shirts: https://pierre-cardin.vn/collections/7-1-4-so-mi-nam-oscar


4 - Recommend Significant Combination From Pierre Cardin Dress Shoes & Oscar Fashion 

Pierre Cardin Horsebit Loafer (PCMFWLE 700) + Oscar Long Sleeve Men’s Shirts (OCMSCLF 051)

A) Pierre Cardin Horsebit Loafer - PCMFWLE 700

  • Order at: https://pierre-cardin.vn/products/giay-nam-pierre-cardin-pcmfwle-700


B) Oscar Fashion Long Sleeve Men' Shirts: 

  • Order at: https://pierre-cardin.vn/products/ao-so-mi-nam-oscar-tay-dai-ocmlcsf-051


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Quý Ngài Pierre Cardin & Thời Trang Văn Phòng (2023)

(Figure 5 - Sir. Pierre Cardin adjusted the clothes for a Stylish Gentleman following sophisticated and elegant styles)


Pierre Cardin Men’s Loafer (PCMFWLF 769) + Oscar Short Sleeve Men' Shirts (OCMSCSF 046)  

C) Pierre Cardin Men’s Loafer -  PCMFWLF 769

  • Order at: https://pierre-cardin.vn/products/giay-moi-nam-pierre-cardin-pcmfwlf-769

D) Oscar Fashion Short Sleeve Men's Shirts - OCMSCSF 046

  • Order at: https://pierre-cardin.vn/products/ao-so-mi-nam-oscar-tay-dai-ocmlcsf-046


5 - Best Recommendation For Men's Leather Shoes For Office Gentlemen  

However, if Office Gentlemen want to find new styles, what should they combine their outfit with? To preserve formality in the office environment, Gentlemen can seek uniqueness through the form or colors of clothes. For example: shirts in bright colors,  new patterns. Or brogue patterns Dress Shoes, combining various shoe styles.   


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Gợi Ý Bộ Sưu Tập Giày Tây Nam Pierre Cardin (2023)

(Figure 6 - Pierre Cardin offers a range of specialized fashion for Office Gentlemen, featuring various models, colors and designs)


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam offers plenty of unique choices for Customers. Let's explore some Men's shoes below: 







Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


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