Does Gen Z Truly Inherit European Aristocratic Fashion?

Gen Z is the generation leading the latest trends in most fields, especially fashion. However, this generation also frequently faces challenges and debates related to their choices.

Let's come to the world of young people with Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam and explore some interesting facts!

1 - Gen Z - The “redefining” generation Tof fashion

When we think of Gen Z, we might imagine high school or college students confidently walking the streets in casual streetwear, oversized sneakers, and colorful hair. In reality, the first generation of Gen Z, now 25 - 26 years old, is actively participating in the workforce.

Gen Z is a common term for those born from the late 1990s to 2012 (usually considered from 1997 to 2012). They were born and grown in the era of the 4th, making them highly adaptable, confident, innovative, and adventurous. Notably, Gen Z is strongly aware of building their images and expressing their individual identities.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: THỜI TRANG GEN Z (2023)

(Figure 1 - Gen Z indicates those born 1997 - 2012)


With this age range, Gen Z represents 1/3 of the global population and 25% of the workforce in Vietnam (General Statistics Office). It can be said that Gen Z is currently leading and shaping the future in various industries, including fashion.

In the Gen Z era, fashion is an “open” stage. The explosion of social media platforms has greatly spread the trends. Because of their innate adaptability, Gen Z swiftly approaches and renews trends in their own style. Some prominent trends endorsed by Gen Z include Athleisure (athletic-inspired fashion), colorful tie-dye styles, and more.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Gen Z & Fashion (2023)

(Figure 2 - Strong Athleisure Outfit)


Besides following trends, Gen Z also considers fashion as a method of self-expression. They confidently break the traditional rules and norms about gender and ethnicity. It is easy to see young men wearing dresses on the streets or high-fashion runways. Snake prints, fur, natural makeup looks, etc,. are easily spotted.


"Gen Z does not follow fashion; they redefine it based on their styles!"



2 - Does Gen Z Truly Inherit European Aristocratic Fashion?

However, the excessive prominence of "rebellious" styles has led Gen Z to face issues about being "indifferent to traditional values."

In contrast, Gen Z has played a significant role in reviving vintage fashion trends. An example is the Vintage fashion trend (originating from the 1930s - 1940s) with nearly 167 million posts on Instagram, remaining timeless for young people.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Gen Z & Fashion (2023)

(Figure 3 - Gen Z enthusiastically follow the Vintage style)


Recently, the Dark Academia trend, inspired by European scholars' styles. Button-up shirts, trousers, stripes, and Dress Shoes have captivated Gen Z, who appreciates the aristocracy, intellectualism, mystery, and charm. Classic fashion is still leading the 2023 trends on fashion runways from Milan to Paris.

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(Figure 4 - Gen Z favors European aristocratic styles)

In summary, Gen Z is not indifferent to classical values. They choose their favorite fashion styles, whether it is casual streetwear or elegant aristocratic fashion. Gen Z pursues the styles that suit their identity.


3 - Pierre Cardin Product Recommendations For Young Generation's Fashion Styles

Pierre Cardin is a premium fashion brand from France, known for its avant-garde innovation in Ready-to-wear fashion.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Thế Hệ Z Rất Quan Trọng Thời Phá Cách

(Figure 5 - Youthful fashion style is still being developed by Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam)


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There is some interesting information about the Gen Z generation and their positive impact on the fashion industry. We hope this article has been helpful to our Customers.



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