Pierre Cardin Shoes Polishing Item - The Dedicated Caretaker Of Workplace Dress Shoes

Shoes Polishing item is an essential item for Gentlement Dress Shoes because of its ability to protect the shoes material. Now, let's explore the Shoes Polish with Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam!


1 - The Establishment Of Shoes Polishing Item

Hardly people know that Shoes Polish has a long history, with accompanying Leather Shoes. In ancient times, people in Egypt, Greece, and Rome used a mixture of beeswax, animal fat, and vegetable oil to polish shoes. This was the world's first Shoes Polish.

In the 19th century, with the establishment of European Dress Shoes, Shoes Polish also had new developments. However, most polishes of that time were colorless, focusing solely on the "polishing and maintenance" effectiveness.


Xi Đánh Giày có lịch sử hàng ngàn năm

(Figure 1 - Shoes Polish has a history of thousand years) 


In 1802, the British chemist Joseph Crawshaw invented black Shoes Polish using carbon dye which made black Dress Shoes look "brand new" and increased their aesthetic appeal. Shoes Polish was developed in various colors like brown, green, yellow, etc., suitable for different shoe colors, perfecting the functions of "polishing, maintaining, and enhancing the aesthetic of shoes. Shoes Polish has always played a crucial role in the history of Leather Shoes over thousands of years.


2 - Shoes Polish - A Essential Cosmetic For Leather Shoe

Leather is a natural material and can be easily damaged by environmental factors, especially Premium Leather Shoes. Therefore, using Shoes Polish is almost a mandatory requirement to protect Customer's Leather Shoes. Shoes Polish is considered as "cosmetic" for Leather Shoes which need the suitability to work effectively. 

Which is the most suitable Shoes Polish should we choose?

  • Cream Shoes Polish 

Cream shoes polish is easy to penetrate into the leather, providing a moderate shine, effectively concealing imperfections, and nourishing and protecting from within. However, cream polish is only suitable for authentic leather because of its ability to penetrate into the leather's pores. Cream polishes vary colors for different types of shoes.


Xi Đánh Giày Pierre Cardin dạng kem

(Figure 2 - Cream Shoes Polish is good for “nourishing" Dress Shoe)


  • Wax Shoes Polish

Wax shoes polish has a compressed texture, is easy to use, provides a high shine, and offers good protection for Leather Shoes. However, wax polish has fewer color options compared to cream polish.


Xi Đánh Giày dạng sáp

(Figure 3 - Wax Shoes Polish) 


  • Liquid Shoes Polish

Liquid shoes polish has a liquid texture, does not leave a greasy residue on the leather, and numerous colors. However, liquid polish cannot create a natural shine on the leather and is not suitable for matte and suede leather.


Xi Đánh Giày dạng nước

(Figure 4 - Liquid Shoes Polish) 


In general, for authentic leather products, the most suitable choice is cream polishing substances - a type of polish with a chemical composition compatible with this type of shoe. Cream polish also has a variety of colors and provides a moderate shine to increase the beauty of Leather Shoes. Customers do need to use other care methods or different types of polish, making it very convenient for busy Gentlemen.

Currently, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam - The Number One Of Dress Shoes And Leather Accessories Systems in Vietnam - provides Premium Cream Shoes Polish. This product is specially designed for premium full-grain cowhide Leather Shoes, 100% imported from Pierre Cardin.

Pierre Cardin Shoes Polishing item includes 3 different colors/ hues for all shoe tones: 

  • BROWN: Suitable for brown Leather Shoes;

  • BLACK: Suitable for black Leather Shoes;

  • CREAM: Suitable for Black, Brown, White and other light-colored shoes.


Xi Đánh Giày Pierre Cardin

(Figure 5 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: “Cream Shoes Polish with 3 different colors is the favorite ones of Gentlemen”)


Above is an overview of Shoes Polish - the dedicated caretaker of Leather Shoes. We hope this article has provided some useful information and suggestions for Shoes Polish.



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy

Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc

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