"Oxonian" Shoes & Appreciation From Timeless Standards

Oxford Dress Shoes (Oxonian Shoes) have long been the standard of sophistication for Gentlemen. Despite the changing fashion trends, Oxford Shoe maintains the most prestigious position in the Dress Shoes world.   

Let's delve into “Oxonian Shoes" and discover the intriguing aspects surrounding these notable shoes with Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam!


1 - The History Of Oxford Shoes 

Tidy, formal, and hard to mix - Oxford Shoes presents its distinguished origin. Oxford Shoes originated from the most prestigious university in England - The University of Oxford. Uni-students are bored of knee-high, uncomfortable, inconvenient boots. Around 1825, they started to “cut short" their boots, leading to what we know as Oxonian Shoes. 

They continued to evolve into the present form. By 1864, the term "Oxford Shoes" was officially recognized. Obviously, Oxford Shoes can be considered representatives of an elite generation, embodying intelligent and pioneering spirit.


Đại học Oxford là nơi khai sinh ra đôi giày

(Figure 1 - The University of Oxford is where the birth of first “Oxonian” shoes)


Another theory about the establishment of Oxford Shoes. They originated from Balmoral Palace (England) and were invented by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband. He used short ankle boots for hunting or strolling around the palace, known as “Balmoral" shoes - the appearance resembled “Oxonian".  

Due to the controversy about history, there is no doubt that Oxford Shoes has a highly prestigious background. Therefore, Oxford always stands at the top of the Dress Shoe line, epitomizing elegance and standards.


2 - Oxford Shoes Always Associated With Powerful Image

With its prestigious origin and sophisticated design, Oxford Shoes is Gentlemen’s “obligatory" choice in formal meetings. Oxford Shoes is always linked to powerful and authoritative figures from national meetings to business conferences. In the Hollywood film industry, Oxford Shoes paired with a Tuxedo are a requirement on the red carpets of the Oscars, Golden Globes, and more. 


Giày Oxford luôn gắn liền với những hoạt ảnh quyền lực

(Figure 2 - Oxford Shoe are familiar with powerful figures of the world-renowned politician)


Fashion varies at different times; however, classic Oxford Shoes continues to be the standard for sophisticated Gentlemen. The neat design, devoid of unnecessary detail, affirms the integrity, decisiveness, and confidence in the Gentlemen. And true Gentlemen always know how to choose a suitable Dress Shoe that matches their position.     


2 - Question: Wholecut Oxford or Brogue Oxford?

Oxford Shoes has numerous types of versions, but the most common designs are Classic Oxford, Wholecut Oxford and Brogue Oxford. The choice between them depends on how a Gentleman desires to “express himself".


Giày Wholecut Oxford Pierre Cardin

(Figure 3 - Wholecut Oxford - Common design of Pierre Cardin)  


Wholecut Oxford Shoes are crafted from monolithic leather, resulting in a seamless, minimalist, and extremely sleek appearance. This is a suitable choice for sophisticated Gentlemen who favor classic values; and exemplary and dedicated leadership.  


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Brogue Oxford - PCMFWLG 357

(Figure 4 - Brogue Oxford Shoes are characterized by decorative perforations on the shoe's toe cap - The product in the picture is Pierre Cardin Brogue Oxford Leather Shoes - PCMFWLG 357)


Different from Wholecut, Brogue Oxford Shoes are characterized by decorative perforations on the shoe's toe cap. This style originated in ancient Ireland. Brogue shoes provide individuals with more comfort for movement and freedom to explore new territories. As a result, Brogue Oxford Shoes are often associated with boldness and “conquest”. Brogue Oxford can be spotted in classic movies featuring powerful figures such as The Godfather or Peaky Blinders. Brogue Oxford Shoes are excellent representatives of modern entrepreneurs, dynamic young leaders, and those who love challenges.


Oxford Brogue

(Figure 5 - Brogue Oxford Shoe features a design that is luxurious and modern)


Due to the diverse styles chosen, the values of shoes are most determined by the quality of material and crafting techniques. Dress Shoes are a must for aristocratic, ensured 100% premium leather. The simpler the shoe designs, the more evident any flaws in the leather's quality become, diminishing the elegance of the style. Additionally, standard Oxford Shoes must  be crafted using European techniques such as McKay/ Good-year. Leather shoe soles use this technique, helping shoes create a crisp, powerful, and resolute sound when the wearer walks, affirming the owner's personal class, regardless of the shoe style.



Pierre Cardin is one of the world's most famous premium fashion brands, originating from the fashion capital of Paris (France). More than 70 years established, and developed, each Pierre Cardin Dress Shoes meets the European aesthetic standards.

In Vietnam, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam holds the position of THE NUMBER ONE DRESS SHOES AND LEATHER ACCESSORIES SYSTEM. The brand currently has 100 retail locations across 50 provinces and cities in Vietnam, presented in three showcase Asian countries (Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia).




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