Peaky Blinders & The Inspiring Tale of Gentlemanly Elegance

Peaky Blinders (British Shadows) is a crime drama television series considered the epitome of all-time classics. Going beyond cinema, Peaky Blinders is also a story about fashion and the embodiment of a gentleman's lifestyle.

1 - Peaky Blinders & The Inspiring Tale of Gentlemanly Elegance 

The Peaky Blinders series is set in England and Europe during the 1920s, after World War I. It was the “ Roaring Twenties” decade amidst decay and prosperity, old and new powers, economic development and social unrest.

After the war, the Shelby siblings return to their hometown of Birmingham, England, immersed in industrial smoke. From a working-class family, the Shelby family transforms into the most influential criminal force in England under the leadership of Thomas Shelby.


Anh em nhà Shelby

(Figure 1 - The Shelby sibblings) 


Peaky Blinders vividly depicts the European landscape of that time, encompassing violence, crime, political intrigues, and a hedonistic lifestyle. Yet, amid the chaos, two things remain utterly exquisite: The fashion and the characteristics of Thomas Shelby!

Rarely does any contemporary film possess the classical European style as impeccably as Peaky Blinders. The tailored top coats, well-fitted muted-colored suits are the key elements that create Sir's stylish, gentlemanly look. Shelby. The precision and refinement in their dress also reflect their ambitions to enter the upper echelons of society.


Nhân vật chính Thomas Shelby

(Figure 2 - The main character of the series - Mr. Thomas Shelby)


However, amidst the blurred lines of reality and fiction, the aristocratic aspirations of the Shelby family are not fully concealed by the workers' boots and the baker boy cap. These garments are all associated with the working class, which suit rough and inexpensive fabrics. As the Shelby family gradually gains power, Thomas Shelby adorns himself in neatly tailored suits and Oxford shoes collection.


Anh em nhà Shelby mặc suit và mang boots

(Figure 3 - The Shelby siblings wore suits and boots)


The journey from laborer's boots to classic Oxford Shoes embodies Thomas Shelby's quest for his aspirations. It is also the path to embodying the true essence of a "Gentleman." Only genuine intelligence, courage, and integrity can blend with classical fashion. 

Actual gentlemanly status does not require flashy outfits, however, it reflects the moderation when combining clothing based on understanding the “aristocratic” spirit of each item. It can be noted that Dress Shoes and Suits remain the standard for a Sir. Gentleman, regardless of the era's vicissitudes.


Suit và Oxford là đỉnh cao quyền lực

(Figure 4 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: "Suits and Oxford shoes are the epitome of elegance for the upper-class gentlemen" - Image source: Peaky Blinders (Netflix)


2 - The Most Impressive Leather Shoes in the Most Popular TV Series in the UK - Peaky Blinders

As mentioned earlier, the footwear serves as a telling detail of where the Shelby family stands in society. The leather shoes significantly contribute to the overall elegance of their attire. 

Sartorial Fashion, known for its refined style, demands bespoke tailoring. Hence, the accompanying leather shoes should also meet the highest standards, crafted meticulously using European shoe-making techniques like McKay/Goodyear. When it comes to style, the classic Oxford shoes are the top choice. These shoes are typically black or brown, exuding sophistication through their form and material without being ostentatious.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Giày Brogue Oxford Đế Da Pierre Cardin - PCMFWLG 357

(Figure 5 - Pierre Cardin Leather Sole Brogue Oxford Shoes - PCMFWLG 357)


These pairs of Dress Shoes usually feature a leather outsole, along with a central wooden cork layer within the shoes. Over time, this rigid layer will mold itself to the foot's contours, providing absolute comfort during use.


Giày Oxford luôn là lựa chọn hàng đầu của Quý Ông lịch lãm

(Figure 6 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: "Oxford shoes are always the top choice for elegant gentlemen")



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


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