“The Godfather" & A Classic Example For Future Leaders

The Godfather (1972) is a cinematic masterpiece of all time, the “bedside" work of the Gentlemen through generations. Now, let's take a deeper look into the cinematic world of “The Godfather" with Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam and explore the fascinating aspects of this legend.  


1 - The Godfather (1972) - More Than Just Cinema, It Is The Quintessence

Born in a Hollywood filled with crime dramas, The Godfather chose to tell another story about the Mafia. Illegal schemes, bloody power struggles, and ruthless crime lords are all ingredients used to create a monumental portrayal of true Leaders.  


Phim The Godfather (1972)

(Figure 1 - "The Godfather" Vito Corleone in the film - a legendary figure played by actor Marlon Brando)


The Godfather is about the Corleone family, a powerful Mafia family in America during the 1960s. "The Godfather" Vito Corleone is the supreme leader of the family, who believes that "A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man." He had three sons and a youngest daughter named Connie. Among them, the third son, Michael, was a soldier returning from World War, who dreamed of a military life, kindness, and not getting involved in the family's criminal business. 

However, a series of unexpected events came, "The Godfather" Vito Corleone survived an assassination attempt and his eldest son Sonny was killed. The second son, Fred, was too timid to lead. Michael was forced to step up to protect the family. He became deeply entangled in the criminal world and became the heir of "Godfather" of the Corleone family.

They are not thugs who “do anything for money." They are not individuals willing to "get their hands dirty" for power. The Corleone "Godfathers" desired a normal life. Vito Corleone, originally from Sicily, Italy, had to flee his homeland due to threats from the local mafia. Arriving in New York, young Vito struggled to make a living through honest work. Vito had to choose between "fighting or dying." Vito Corleone resorted to various underworld tactics to survive in the hard times, gradually stepping into the criminal world. Later, his son Michael followed the same life cycle as his father


Michael Corleone là người kế nghiệp

(Figure 2 - Michael Corleon was the reluctant heir of “The Godfather" after many fate)


Tragically, the past created genuine leaders. "The Godfather" Vito Corleone is a strict man and has his own rules. He always appears in his authentic Italian suits, power Oxford shoes with a deep and calm voice. Unlike the man who offered him money, Vito Corleone did not build his empire with money at the film's beginning. He also outright refuses illegal smuggling operations. 

When his eldest son Sonny was murdered, and the family was in danger, "The Godfather" Vito Corleone sat down, negotiated, and made compromises with his enemies. Calm and deliberate, "The Godfather" made an "offer cannot be refused" to the very forces that plotted his assassination. His decisiveness angers many people, but it prevents bloodshed. Vito Corleone understood that war only leads to sacrifices and must protect his remaining children. A true leader needs to be wise to know when to advance and when to retreat based on love and responsibility.


Vito Corleone bên cạnh gia đình

(Figure 3 - The childhood of Vito Corleone lived at peace with his family)


Power, position, or wealth do not change a person's nature; they only magnify it. A person becomes great because "they matured greatly." It is also about the choices they make in the dark or bright of life. When a man is forced to make sacrifices. "The Godfather" Vito Corleone is not a man who lives for power but uses power to protect his loved ones. Therefore, Vito Corleone is called "The Godfather" - a title reserved for the "head protector" in the Bible. A name full of reverence, representing patronage and benevolence. The film was shrouded in darkness but helps people "find light." Vito Corleone is the role model of a leader that any Gentleman aspires to become.

Apart from "The Godfather" Vito Corleone, other characters also leave a deep impression. This is "The Godfather" Michael Corleone who inherits his father's charisma and will reach even greater heights, becoming colder and more ruthless. This is Vito's foster son, Tom Hagen. As a lawyer, Tom Hagen's strength lay in his knowledge. He spoke less but accomplished more. Tom Hagen proves that "a lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns" (Mario Puzo). These men have inner character and strength that cannot be bought with money or power.


Tom Hagen là con nuôi của Vito Corleone

(Figure 4 - Tom Hagen was the Vito Corleone’s foster son)


With 3 Oscars for "Best Screenplay, Director, and Actor," 5 Golden Globes, a 97/100 rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and second place on the list of the greatest films of (IMDB). "The Godfather" has more than enough evidence to prove its greatness. After more than half a century, "The Godfather" remains the “bedside” work for leaders.


2 - Oxford Shoes - Important Items Always Accompanying Leaders 

Besides the story of a Gentleman's character, The Godfather is also a timeless fashion “dictionary”. At the top of power, "The Godfather" Vito Corleone always appears in meticulously tailored three-piece suits and wears Oxford Dress Shoes. His son - Michael Corleone first wore military style Derby Shoes. Until he took over his father's position, he still wore Oxford Shoes.


Michael Corleone mang Giày Oxford

(Figure 5 - Michael Corleone wore shoes after he inherited his family)


In ancient Roman culture, shoes symbolize power. A father passing down shoes to his son signifies the transfer of family leadership traditions. In terms of heritage, Oxford Shoes have a noble lineage. They are even named after the University of Oxford, the oldest and most prestigious university in the world. Therefore, Oxford Shoes represent the elite class, with intelligence, bravery, and the ability to lead the times.


Giày Oxford là đai diện của quyền lực

(Figure 6 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: “Oxford Shoes is one of the main symbols of power.")


Today, we can easily catch Oxford Shoes on the feet of heads of state and top business leaders, from film to real life. No other pair of shoes symbolizes the seriousness, dignity, maturity, strength, and authority of a leader better than Oxford Shoes.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Brogue Oxford - PCMFWLG 357

(Figure 7 - Brogue pattern version of Pierre Cardin Oxford Shoes brings a sense of power to customers)


This is Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam's perspective on the legendary film "The Godfather," as well as some analysis of Gentlemen's fashion in the movie. If Customers are also fans of the film, visit Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam - Offical Website to start building your "Godfather" style!




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