Inspiration From France Heritage In Vietnam on Pierre Cardin Leather Shoes

True values will consistently be recognized, preserved, and sustainable over time. This is the constant inspiration behind Pierre Cardin’s creation of the Black Loafer - PCMFWLG 083.


1 - Inspiration From France Heritage In Vietnam  - Sustainable Value

Mentioned about the French heritage in Indochina, art history professor - John Seed states: "It was a time of hope and appreciation expressed among cultures through the language of art." We can see the "success of cultural exchange" despite being overshadowed by political issues.

As the capital of light and art, the French brought knowledge, ideas, aesthetics, Etc. from Europe to Vietnam. However, they did not seek to impose; they respected, complemented, and integrated with the local culture. Thus, alongside traditional Vietnamese attire like the "ao the '' and "khan xep," we became familiar with dress shirts and loafers. We drink coffee but still "eat with chopsticks." We have "banh mi" in Vietnam, a variation of the French baguette. Conversely, the French added words like "le pho" (pho), "bo bun" (bun bo), Etc. to their vocabulary. The most notable are the architectural works in the Indochine style, characterized by sturdy, durable, massive construction of Europe - and louver doors, thatched bud roofs, and Vietnamese materials. Over five years, these buildings still stand proudly in the heart of major cities like the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi Hotel, and the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon,...


(Figure 1 - Indochine style is one of the French heritages in Vietnam)


The dialogue between these two cultures created heritage points without losing their uniqueness. Magically, Eastern and Western art and culture transcended the ironic situations of the era to harmonize. True values are always recognized and sustainable over time. 

This inspiration is behind Pierre Cardin of the Black Loafer - PCMFWLG 083


2 - Product: Pierre Cardin Black Loafer - PCMFWLG 083

Pierre Cardin has been a 70-year-old French fashion brand in the Vietnamese market for a decade, holding the Number One Position Of Dress Shoes And Leather Accessories System. We are fortunate to experience wonderful things in both cultures. Therefore, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam always aims to continue interfering with French and Vietnamese values.  


Giày Black Loafer Pierre Cardin - PCMFWLG 083

(Figure 2 - Pierre Cardin Black Loafer - PCMFWLG 083 features the French heritages in Vietnam)


  • Pierre Cardin Black Loafer - PCMFWLG 083 is made from premium Cowhide Leather material, 100% imported, solid, and durable sole, reminiscent of the architectural style of Europe. The small, neat cross-stitching lines evoke traditional Vietnamese leaf-bound books on Indochine buildings.

  • The shoe design combines a laceless Loafer style with a Moccasin - a classic, and stylish shoe type. The shoe has a round toe, a spacious design, and a comfortable lining that suits the Vietnamese foot.

  • This is an excellent choice for Gentlemen who appreciate an "endurable" beauty, "distinctive" and "familiar" look. The shoe is ideally suited for the office, a casual streetwear.


This is the story of the Pierre Cardin Black Loafer - PCMFWLG 083, a product inspired by heritage. Customers can visit on Official Website:  to explore more information. 



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