From Central Italy - Exploring The “Superfine" Definition Of Leather Material

Italian cowhide leather has always been the “superfine" definition in the global leather industry for thousands of years. Let's explore the origins and interesting factors contributing to the status of Italian cowhide leather with Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


1 - The Leather Capital Of The World - Tuscany (Italy)

Leather is one of the oldest materials in the world, used in the primitiveness of humanity. When mentioning the origin of this millennial-old story, it undoubtedly leads us to Tuscany (Italy).

Tuscany, with its heart in the city of Florence, is located in the heart of the boot-shaped country. This unique location allowed Tuscany to absorb essence in every field, especially the leather tanning tradition dating back to Ancient Rome. The cowhide leather industry reached a peak during the Renaissance movement in Florence.


Thành phố Florence - thủ phủ ngành da thuộc

(Figure 1 - Florence City, the world's leather capital)


In the space filled with the light of art, Florence artisans were considered the artists. The high aesthetic demands of the era promoted breakthrough techniques. Herbal leather methods were developed, resulting in more durable leather with a natural fragrance. Simultaneously, artisans made intricate patterns and decorative motifs to increase the value of their products. Thus, knowledge was passed down through generations, creating a deep expertise. Tuscany and Italy became the “ leather capital of the world" during this period

Tuscany is also the homeland of many major famous brands that significantly influence modern fashion. Notably, brands like Gucci (1921), Ferragamo (1927), and Prada (1913) all originated as handmade leather factories. The Italian cowhide leather industry is also a pioneer in shaping global trends. In summary, the number one position of Italian cowhide leather results from thousands of years of history, dedicated spirit and aesthetics passed down through many generations.  


2 - Italian Cowhide Leather - The Standard Of “Superfine" Material 

Italian Cowhide Leather is not a noun; it is a definition. It is the "Superfine" material standard and an experience that stimulates all senses. Sight is satisfied with flawless, gleaming leather and a natural shine from the natural oils. Smell detects the distinct layers of fragrance from the herbal tanning process. Touch ignites as touching the softness of the leather. Comfort is assured in all weather conditions due to the cowhide leather's remarkable 0.96-second thermal adaptation. 


Da bò Ý là định nghĩa cho chuẩn mực

(Figure 2 - Italian Cowhide Leather is a definition of “superfine" standard)


The luxury pinnacle of Italian cowhide leather is not defined by the price tag but by the “intangible values”. Over time, Italian cowhide leather absorbs sunlight, wind, and even the wearer's sweat, developing a natural Patina color change. It is mysterious, alluring, and unpredictable but satisfies the owner. Each piece of leather will always have a different color. Each Italian cowhide leather product is a unique creation, a story told through its material, bearing a distinct personal identity.

The longevity of Italian cowhide leather can last up to 10 years in terms of careful care. It is a long-term investment, a value increased over time. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Italian cowhide leather is the top choice for business professionals and the elite. This material shapes a “superfine" benchmark that is hard to surpass in the global leather industry.  


3 - Premium Italian Cowhide Leather Shoes From Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam 

A) Pierre Cardin Classic Oxford Leather Sole Shoes - PCMFWLH 360

Giày Oxford Pierre Cardin 360 chất liệu Da bò Ý
(Figure 3: Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Premium Leather Classic Oxford Shoes - PCMFWLH 360)
  • The shoes feature a pointed toe design, following the traditional Oxford shoe style. This design exudes elegance, sophistication, and a timeless look. It is a fitting choice for business professionals and high-level personnel;

  • Crafted using Pierre Cardin's Traditional Handcrafted Shoe Process with the traditional McKay technique for more than 150 years in Europe. These leather shoes also have a rubber sole to prevent slipping, making them suitable for the climate in Vietnam.


B) Pierre Cardin Penny Loafer Leather Shoes - PCMFWLH 361

  • Pierre Cardin Penny Loafer Leather Shoes - PCMFWLH 361 are made from 100% premium Italian cowhide leather, the world's leather capital since ancient Rome. The leather thickness meets the 1.6 - 1.8mm standards, providing a fit shoe, durability,  and a natural shine over time;

Giày Oxford Pierre Cardin 361 chất liệu Da bò Ý
(Figure 4 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Premium Leather Penny Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLH 361)
  • The design is an improved version of the popular Pierre Cardin Penny Loafer - PCMFWLE 331 (favoured shoes at Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam). The overall design of the shoes still maintains an elegant yet slightly unconventional style, with a distinctive detail of eye-like cutouts on the shoe's tongue;

  • The particular point combines a Leather Sole and a Rubber Sole (Custom-Made Sole), handcrafted using the traditional McKay technique from Europe. Additionally, they are hand-painted in a unique Patina effect with Brown color, creating a distinctive color effect.

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