Sports Shoes - The Number One Choice For Urban Office Gentlemen On Weekend

After days closely associated with their familiar leather shoes, Sports Shoes are the perfect choice for urban office Gentlemen. 


1 - 45H Hours/ Week With Leather Shoes - When Casual Brings Boredom

Dress Shoes have been the constant companion of Office Gentlemen since the late 19th century. Their design exudes sophistication, neatness, and formality - suitable for formal and professional work environments. In some offices, Dress Shoes are even mandatory as part of  the dress code


Mang Giày Tây suốt cả tuần có thể mang đến sự nhàm chán cho Quý Ông

(Figure 1 -  Wearing formal shoes during the weeks bring boredom to Gentlemen) 


However, wearing dress shoes continuously for 45 hours a week (6 working days) can bring a sense of confinement and monotony. Because the form snugs the foot, it always has basic colors such as black, brown, coffee, and navy blue. These “restrictive" outfits can make Gentlemen not be themselves


If so Gentlemen have just 1 day of the week for themselves, what choices do they have?


2 - Sports Shoes  - The Number One Choice For Urban Office Gentlemen On Weekend 

Sport Shoes, with their high versatility and high fashion, are the top choice for urban Gentlemen on any weekend. They special design to support movement, provide breathability, and offer extreme comfort. Sport Shoes can be used for stress-relieving physical activities as well as ideal for leisurely walks, shopping trips with family and friends.

Furthermore, Sport Shoes have a wider variety of colors and styles compared to Dress Shoes. Therefore, Gentlemen can easily find a pair of shoes that suit their personal style. Alongside this, the design of Sport Shoes balance between youthfulness and sophistication, making them perfect for those who seek comfort and tidiness.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Giày Thể Thao Pierre Cardin - PCMFWFG 907

(Figure 2 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Pierre Cardin Sports Shoes - PCMFWFG 907 has a sweat absorbent layer fabric and minimizes friction during movement)


  • Pierre Cardin Sport Shoes - PCMFWFG 907 are an excellent alternative to traditional office Dress Shoes. Founded by the renowned French fashion brand - Pierre Cardin, Sport Shoes 907 feature premium materials made from genuine cowhide and microfiber. Microfiber are finer than a strand of hair, ensuring comfort, minimizing friction and static electricity during movement;

  • The lightweight insole and sole reduce pressure on your feet, making them highly suitable for weekend strolls, camping trips, and short getaways;

  • Shoes have five different colors for Customers to choose from: bold red, versatile white, eye-catching green, classic navy blue, and elegant grey.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam is a premium fashion brand from France - Number One Dress Shoes And Leather Accessories System In Vietnam; we are committed to providing Customers with the best fashion product experiences.



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


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