Pierre Cardin Premium Dress Shoes - An “Economical" Consumer Choice

Pierre Cardin is a premium fashion brand from Paris (France). In Vietnam, Pierre Cardin is the Number One Of Dress Shoes And Leather Accessories SystemsPierre Cardin Premium Shoes offer real value that has been proven and recognized over time, making an “economical" choice for Customers.


1 - Pierre Cardin And The Vision Of A Successful Business

Pierre Cardin is celebrated as a legend in the world of fashion. He pioneered the concept of Ready-to-wear fashion at a time when the world was dominated by exclusive Haute Couture. This concept brought premium fashion closer to the public, and made the foundation for the fashion industry. Pierre Cardin continuously diversified the product range to serve various consumer needs. For Pierre Cardin, "fashion" is something we wear everyday, therefore, we constantly try to create high-quality, and highly functional products as our comprehensive business philosophy.


Giày Tây Pierre Cardin luôn có sự dung hòa giữa thời trang và tính ứng dụng

(Figure 1 - Leather Shoes Pierre Cardin strike a perfect balance between the premium standards fashion and practicality)


In Vietnam, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam maintains The Number One Of Dress Shoes And Leather Accessories Systems. Leather Shoes Pierre Cardin strike a perfect balance between the standards of premium fashion and practicality. Customers can easily find office dress shoes, athletic shoes, casual streetwear shoes, and premium leather-soled shoes crafted with European techniques.


2 - Premium Dress Shoes Pierre Cardin - An “Economical" Consumer Choice

Leather shoes can be considered a long-term investment. Men often have loyalty to their specific favorite style of shoes. Shoes directly impact comfort, health, and confidence, therefore, investing in high-quality shoes for long-term use is a smart and "economical" consumer choice.

Premium Dress Shoes Pierre Cardin are made from Western material and technique,  100% imported cowhide leather. Genuine cowhide leather has a natural oil layer that creates shine and durability over time. The pores on the leather surface allow for releasing air in the summer and keeping warm in the winter. Obviously, the more authentic cowhide leather shoes are used, the more beautiful and durable it becomes.

In terms of crafting technique, Pierre Cardin currently offers three notable techniques (listed from mid-range to high-end range):

  • Cowhide Leather Shoes - Cementing sole attachment

  • Cowhide Leather Shoes - Handcrafted McKay/Goodyear technique 

  • Italian Cowhide Leather Shoes - Handcrafted Goodyear technique

Các sản phẩm Giày Da hiện có tại Pierre Cardin
(Figure 2 - Comparing consuming costs of Pierre Cardin's current shoes)


McKay/Goodyear welted is a handcrafted sole attachment technique, with a history lasting over 150 years in Europe. This technique ensures the adhesion and durability of the sole compared to conventional Cementing. The cork layer inside the sole will mold to the contour of the owner's feet frame, creating a perfectly personalized fit. Simultaneously, it reduces pressure on the foot structure, contributing to enhancing foot health issues.

Cowhide Leather Shoes of Goodyear technique are the highest quality and price. However, the average lifespan of shoes can extend up to 7 years. Customers have an investment of just about 3000 VND per day. For authentic Leather Shoes applied sole sewing technique, Customers only need to invest less than 3500 VND per day for a durable pair that lasts up to 4 years.


*Detailed Reference: Premium Dress Shoes Pierre Cardin McKay/ Good-year for The Senior Personnel

Premium Cowhide Leather Shoes from Pierre Cardin are not defined by their price but by the actual value delivered. A durable pair of shoes can help Customers save money and provide comfort, confidence.


2 - Redefining: When "Premium" Different With Extravagance

Luxury products do not equate to "extravagance" because high-price products must provide its practical benefits. For Gentlemen’s realistic and stable finances, they always know how to invest in products that yield future returns.


Giày Da Cao Cấp Pierre Cardin là lựa chọn vô cùng kinh tế

(Figure 3 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: “Investing in premium shoes is an investment for a Gentleman”)


Leather Shoes Pierre Cardin are indeed an “economical" investment for Customers, offering real value and quality that has been proven. We hope Customers can find suitable leather shoe options based on our recommendations.



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy

Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc

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