Pierre Cardin Story: “Persistence Is The Dignity Of Talent”

Before being honored as a legendary fashion designer, Pierre Cardin endured over 20 years confronting criticism for the path that he chose. He overcame it all - “Persistence is the dignity of talent". 


1 - From “The Stubborn Eccentric" Of Fashion Industry 

It took Pierre three years from establishing his brand to mark a reputation in the fashion industry. Four years later, he was thoroughly expelled by the Federation Of Fashion Association of France

At a time when the whole world was pursuing Haute Couture, Pierre Cardin introduced a Ready-to-wear collection for Ladies. The collection was boldly presented at the front of the Printemps Center in Paris. Parisians were quick to criticize his “challenge". The fashion elite states that design was “lowering" the sophisticated fashion, considering him an ashamed “eccentric person". Sir. Pierre Cardin ignored the criticism.    


Cửa hàng Pierre Cardin tại Paris

(Figure 1 - First Ready-to-Wear fashion collection of Pierre Cardin)


A year later (in 1960), Pierre Cardin introduced a Ready-to-wear collection for men. Regardless of proficient models, the designs were presented by 250 French uni-students. This was the statement of faith in the path that Pierre Cardin believed. Different from the fashion elite, the public positively welcomed these designs. In that year, Pierre Cardin opened a Ready-to-wear fashion store for men in Paris. 

In terms of style, the brilliant designers remained loyal to futuristic scientific vision, with clothing that appeared to be “from another planet". He also did not regularly participate in the Fashion Week of “Big 4” (Paris, Milan, London, and New York) even though that was the “default" requirement for high-end brands. Later, Pierre Cardin’s designers recounted: People said I was crazy and they never wanted to wear my clothes".    


2 - To “World Changer"

Staying persistent in one path ignored criticism - Pierre Cardin was willing to “wait" for 20 years to be recognized. In 1977, he was awarded the prestigious Dé d’Or by the French Federation Of Fashion Association. Alternatively, this also honored him the title of “genius” in the same generation, besides Yves Saint Laurent’s legendary. In 2016, Pierre Cardin was given the rare privilege by the French Academy to showcase his work at the Paris School of Fine Arts.   


Pierre Cardin là nhà thiết kế vĩ đại của làng thời trang

(Figure 2 - Pierre Cardin dedicated himself to working for 70 years to achieve the greatest success)


Thanks to Pierre Cardin's pioneering spirit, the fashion world transitioned toward “Ready-to-wear” as an essential trend of the era. The concept of premium fashion widened (materials, crafting technique, and brand reputation). It was no longer solely based on handcrafted tailoring. Pierre Cardin also pioneered multiple industries, exploiting the power of his brand. Therefore, today's high-end brands encompass clothing, accessories, perfumes, furniture,…  

It can be said that Pierre Cardin's determination and stubbornness have changed the world. He dedicated himself to working for 70 years to achieve his goals with astonishing patience. From being viewed as an “eccentric person", Pierre Cardin and his brand have become a major global force, with a presence in 140 countries and territories.   


3 - “The Pierre Cardin Spirit" In Every Premium Dress Shoes


Thương hiệu thời trang cao cấp Pierre Cardin

(Figure 3 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: "Persistence is the Dignity of Talent")


Following the legacy of the brand's founder, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam always brings "The Pierre Cardin Spirit" in every product. This patience for goals brings European-standard Dress Shoes to our Vietnamese Customers. Pierre Cardin Dress Shoes are crafted using imported cowhide and regulated to a 200-step manufacturing process. Depending on the crafting technique, our products can have a lifespan of up to 10 years.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam is dedicated to providing “support and companionship" to our valued Customers on their enduring journey toward their goals.  

Above is the story of the “genius" dignity of the founder of the Pierre Cardin brand. We hope this article has provided some inspiration to our valued Customers.



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam

Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy

Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc

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