Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: “From 38 to 44 - More Than Just A Shoe Size Story"

For over 10 years accompanying our Vietnamese Customers, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam has firmly believed that listening and understanding are the beginning of every connection. Therefore, Pierre Cardin constantly strives to bring our valued to customers the most suitable Men's Leather Shoes.

Now, let's explore the story behind latest Men's Leather Shoes innovation with Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam!


1 - Dress Shoes: The Journey from Western Palaces to the World of Asia

Dress Shoes, as the name suggests, originated from the Western world. In the 19th century, the British aristocracy and military leader, the Duke of Wellington, laid the groundwork for the first design of Dress Shoes worldwide. Since then, Dress Shoes have been regarded as the sartorial standard for the European noble class. Over time, along with the fluctuations of history and the dissemination of Western culture, Dress Shoes have traversed the globe. Nowadays, dress shoes are considered almost obligatory attire in the corporate environment and for dignified gatherings in numerous countries, including Asia.



"Why do Dress Shoes assert their position in Asia - a region known for its rich and its most ancient cultural traditions?"


To explain its reasons, Dress Shoes are no longer purely "Western" shoes. When introduced to Asia, they were modified to cater to the local population while maintaining their inherent elegance. Generally, Asian feet are more petite and more slender and the arch of the foot is relatively flat, with less curvature. 

Therefore, compared to the standard European Dress Shoes, Asian Dress Shoes have some differences in shoe size, width, curvature, and toe shape. Specially, Dress Shoes are specially recognized because they have developed based on understanding and respect. Nowadays, Dress Shoes are the "irreplaceable" choice for every sophisticated gentleman.


Giày Tây đã được cải tiến liên tục để phù hợp với người châu Á

(Figure 1 - Dress shoes have been continuously improved to better fit Asian individuals)


In Vietnam, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam holds the position as THE NUMBER ONE OF FOOTWEAR AND LEATHER ACCESSORIES RETAIL CHAIN. As a brand with over 70 years of history in the fashion capital of Paris (France), every pair of Pierre Cardin Dress Shoes meets the aesthetic standards of Europe. The brand currently owns 100 retail locations across 50 provinces and cities in Vietnam presented in three showcase Asian countries: Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.


2 - Pierre Cardin: “From 38 to 44 - More than Just a shoe size story"

For over 10 years of accompanying our customers in Vietnam, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam has always believed that our customers are the source of inspiration for every creation. Listening and understanding are the starting points for building strong connections. 






Previously, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam offered a size range for Men's Leather Shoes from size 39 to size 43. This may have limited some customers in their ability to wear Pierre Cardin Men's Shoes. Understanding this issue, by researching and consulting from our team of experts, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam has expanded the size range by extending a smaller size - size 38 and a larger size - size 44.


Bảng Size Giày Nam Pierre Cardin

(Figure 2 - Men's Shoe Size Chart of Pierre Cardin (From size 38 to size 44)


With these size-additions, Pierre Cardin desires to bring customers the most suitable custom-made Western Shoes. Besides, the brand remains dedicated to providing high-quality ensuring Men's Leather Shoes that are crafted from premium cow leather, imported 100%. In certain special product lines, the soles of the shoes are handcrafted using Construction of McKay/ Good-year Welted traditional technique of Europe (Deluxe Choice), or designed with a yin-yang inspired sole - the driving sole specifically crafted for driving a car (Western Inspiration).


Customer available experience new shoes size of Pierre Cardin with Premium Loafers Cardin - PCMFWLH 520:

  • Premium Men’s Driving Shoes - PCMFWLH 520 is the latest masterpiece from Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam in 2023. The standout feature is the prominent Pierre Cardin 100 logo, exquisitely plated in shining gold, commemorating the milestone of 100 Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam stores nationwide;

  • This groundbreaking masterpiece also introduces the addition of shoe sizes 38 and 44, marking the beginning of innovation for all Pierre Cardin Men's Leather Shoes;


(Figure 3 - Premium Men’s Loafers - PCMFWLH 520 are available in Size 38 and Size 44.4)


We hope that our valued customers will have a wonderful experience shopping for premium fashion. Thank you for your dedicated trust and support in Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam.


*Explore some of Pierre Cardin Men's Leather Shoes products at: Giày Lười Cao Cấp Pierre Cardin - PCMFWLH 520 (Summer 2023)



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