Nappa Leather - Establishing 150 Years Of Legendary Leather Status

Nappa Leather is one of the most premium materials in the leather industry. It is often used in crafting luxury items due to its outstanding features.  


1 - Leather Tanning Technology From The XIX Century

In 1875 in Napa, California (USA); the Sawyer leather factory introduced a soft, supple, and exceptionally durable leather. The material marked an important milestone in the history of the leather industry. It was named after the birthplace - Nappa Leather.


The Archery Shoes Pierre Cardin #772

(Figure 1 - Nappa Leather was born in the 19th century, marked a turning point in the history of the leather industry)


Nappa Leather possesses valuable features based on the “chrome" leather process. After being processed raw material , the leather sheets are soaked in a chromium salt mixture. Natural collagen fibers in the leather are bonded by chromium, making them durable and antimicrobial properties. Then, they are pH-neutralized and restored their flexibility through the "fatliquoring" process. Finally, they are dried, softened, and finished. 

The production process of Nappa leather is highly complex, requiring skilled craftsmanship from dyers. It is considered a top material in terms of “class". 


2 - Why Is Nappa Leather Considered The Top “Class"?

Nappa Leather attains its high position from the material. The raw leather sheets must be carefully selected from Full Grain (1st-ranking leather sort), to preserve the natural characteristics of the leather. Subsequently, the chrome tanning process maximizes these advantages.

  • Soft, smooth leather quality

This is the most remarkable feature of Nappa leather. Its softness and smoothness of leather surface are palpable, making it highly sought after for premium products where every touch is expensive.


Da bò Nappa có đặc tính mềm mại và mịn màng

(Figure 2 - Nappa leather is a premium material which is carefully selected from skilled craftsmanship)


  • Flexibility and durability 

Nappa Leather is more flexible and durable than regular leather, thanks to the adhesive process of chromium salt with collagen fibers. Products like shoes, bags, and furniture greatly favor this material.


  • Antimicrobial properties, durable

Durability is a standout feature of Nappa leather compared to traditionally tanned leather. It also has good heat resistance, antimicrobial properties, and water resistance, making products more durable and attractive.


3 - Penny Loafer #772 - Masterpiece Nappa Leather Dress Shoes

Pierre Cardin Premium Penny Loafer - PCMFWLH 772 is the latest masterpiece from Pierre Cardin. Shoes are crafted from premium Nappa leather, featuring all the softness, antimicrobial properties, and durability.  

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The Archery Shoes Pierre Cardin #772

(Figure 3 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: “The Archery Shoes - Slow Down To Go Furthest")



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


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