Handcrafted Dress Shoes From Pierre Cardin - The Journey Of Designing Masterpieces (Part 1)

Pierre Cardin is a premium fashion brand from Paris (France). In Vietnam, Pierre Cardin is The Number One Of Dress Shoes And Accessories Systems, which has more than 100 retail locations across 50 provinces and cities.

On the occasion of 10 years of accompanying our Vietnamese customers, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam is honored to share the proudful story of a journey creating wonderful Handcrafted Dress Shoes that we have constantly pursued years-by-years. 


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam (2023)


1 - From The Famous Craftsmanship Of Paris…

During the significant decades of Haute Couture in Paris, “excellent cutter" Pierre Cardin was hailed as the most outstanding apprentice by the legendary Christian Dior. He founded the eponymous fashion brand which is one of the largest fashion empires in the world.

Growing up in the premium fashion worldwide, the Pierre Cardin brand fully embodies the art of Western elites, clearly performing precise tailoring and the absolute perfection of fit. High fashion values “uniqueness” because an artisan's hands are not as flawless as a programmed machine. Only the elite truly appreciate the "uniqueness" of each seam.


Quý Ngài Piere Cardin từng là

(Figure 1: Sir. Pierre Cardin was considered as the exclusive “excellent cutter" in Paris)


In other words, "custom tailoring" products combine between many "levels" those of both the artisan and the owner. Christian Dior would often visit Monsieur Pierre Cardin to order tailoring for his designing customized clothing. Or how high-level business men and artists like John Wayne frequently came to the crafting shoe stores in Florence (Italy).

Pierre Cardin is a renowned fashion brand worldwide, encompassing both Haute Couture and Ready-to-wear. Every Pierre Cardin product is a fundamental fusion of Western crafting technique and aesthetics.


2 - … To “The Lands of Hundred Jobs"

Following Parisian elite fashion, Pierre Cardin Dress Shoes (Deluxe Choice Collections) officially entered the Vietnamese market in 2013. Pierre Cardin Paris found the beginning point for this journey at the hands of Vietnamese artisans. The "Lands of Hundred Jobs" has over 2,000 traditional craft villages. There are various traditional products, such as Bat Trang ceramics and Van Phuc silk from Ha Dong. 

Creativity and skill characteristics creates superior crafting techniques which have always been part of the Vietnamese character. As artisan Trinh Ngoc, who once made shoes for the King of Cambodia, proudly stated, "European customers visit Vietnamese stores because Vietnamese products are skillful and intricate."


Nghệ nhân Việt Nam

(Figure 2 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Vietnam artisans and traditional silk weaving industry)


"It is a magical culture"

- Between Western Aesthetic & Eastern Crafting Technique -


Inspired by this, Dress Shoes Pierre Cardin is a combination of European standards and Vietnamese crafting technique. Vietnamese customers can find Dress Shoes for themselves at Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam without going to Paris or Florence.

That is the beginning of the journey to create Handcrafted Dress Shoes Pierre Cardin from France made by Vietnamese artisans. Follow the next part to explore the process of crafting Handcrafted Shoes, with over 200 meticulous steps.



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy

Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc

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