8 Important Milestones Of Pierre Cardin Brand (1920 - 2022) (Part 2)

Pierre Cardin is one of the most famous premium fashion brands in the world. More than 70 years established and developed, Pierre Cardin plays an important contribution in the global fashion.

In Part 1, we have reviewed the significant milestones of the brand - from its establishment to its recognition in the fashion world. Now, let's continue with Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam to delve into the splendid era of the brand!

II. 8 Important Milestone Of Pierre Cardin Brand (1920-1980) (PART 2)

Pierre Cardin was admired for his exceptional talent and constant efforts. He continued to strive for working despite having established his position. 


Pierre Cardin pointed out the 1980s by expanding the brand into the perfumes category under the name Choc De Cardin. 



Before pioneering in ready-to-wear fashion, Pierre Cardin was the "Exclusive Outstanding Cutter” in Paris. In 1992, he proved his talents through a high-end Haute Couture collection.


Thiết kế Haute Couture với những đường cắt may chính xác

(Figure 1 - The Haute Couture designs by Pierre Cardin excel in every seam and cut)


The collection predominantly featured shades of gold. The precisely cut circular patterns, delicately layered loops that stack softly, have captivated the intrigued admiration of fashion enthusiasts. The Pierre Cardin brand again demonstrated its holistics in the fashion world.



In 2006, Pierre Cardin opened a museum called "PAST - PRESENT - FUTURE" in Paris. The museum preserves all the iconic designs of Pierre Cardin throughout its developmental history.


Bảo tàng Pierre Cardin

(Figure 2 - The Pierre Cardin Museum is located in the northeast part of Paris (France)



In 2010, marking the 60-year journey of the Pierre Cardin brand, an anniversary collection was introduced in Tokyo (Japan) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Pierre Cardin also participated in Paris Fashion Week with a ready-to-wear collection inspired by the "space", featuring the Futurism Science fiction of the 1960s. This also marked the final Fashion Week in the career of the founder.


Tuần lễ thời trang Paris cuối cùng của Pierre Cardin

(Figure 3 - The last Paris Fashion Week in Pierre Cardin's career)


“When I started 60 years ago, the fashion I was drawing was something strange. People said I was crazy and they never wanted to wear my clothes” 

- Mr. Pierre Cardin once shared - 


But now, after 60 years, his brand has become a fashion world icon.



At the age of 89, Pierre Cardin simultaneously introduced two ready-to-wear collections in China and Rome (Italy). Besides, he also published a book on fashion titled "Maxim’s, Mirror of the Parisian Style."


Pierre Cardin vẫn làm việc miệt mài ở tuổi 89

(Figure 4 - Pierre Cardin continued to work tirelessly at the age of 89)



Continuing in the years 2012 to 2014, Pierre Cardin launched numerous collections for both men and women, ranging from ready-to-wear to Haute Couture.

In 2016, a significant milestone further solidified the brand's position: Pierre Cardin hosted the fashion show at the Paris College of Arts. This marked the first time the French Academy allowed a fashion brand to organize a show at its headquarters. 


Buổi biểu diễn của Pierre Cardin tại Viện hàn lâm Pháp

(Figure 5 - The fashion show by Pierre Cardin at the French Academy)


This event demonstrated that Pierre Cardin and his brand received top experts' admiration and was sincerely welcomed by the public.



In 2020, Pierre Cardin's legendary journey ended at the age of 98, leaving the world in mourning. Even in his final years, he continued to work with passion and professional dedication. 


Pierre Cardin chính thức dừng lại hành trình huyền thoại ở tuổi 98

(Figure 6 - Pierre Cardin's legendary journey ended at the age of 98)


Pierre Cardin left an invaluable legacy for the fashion world about its design and his business operations strategy. Thanks to his pioneering work in ready-to-wear, fashion became more accessible to the public and contributed to the evolution of the fashion industry. Many luxury brands such as Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Etc. later follow Pierre Cardin's model.



After the two-year passing of the legendary designer, a commemorative fashion show was held to celebrate his 100th birthday. At The Palazzo Ca’Bragadin in Venice (Italy), over 100 designs inspired by the brand's heritage were faithfully recreated, evoking rich emotions.

At this significant event, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam was honored as the "Potential Production Partner for Premium Leather and Office Dress Shoes." Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam deeply understands the values of Pierre Cardin and constantly makes a demanding effort to convey those values through each product.



Although the legendary Pierre Cardin has passed away, his legacy lives on. The journey of the Pierre Cardin brand continues, aiming for new milestones. We hope this article has provided you with an overview of one of the fashion world's icons.

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