What Should Gentlemen And Ladies Wear To The Year-End Festival Parties?

1 - What Should Gentlemen And Ladies Wear To The Year-End Festival Parties? 

The year-end is always an ideal occasion for evening ceremonies and parties. The pleasant weather, consecutive holidays, and many projects already finished, ... make it a perfect time for gathering. With various types of parties, from intimate to formal, deciding what to wear can be a time-consuming task for Gentlemen and Ladies.   


(Figure 1 - The year-end is the occasion for festivals and parties) 


The best outfit is the one that is the most “suitable"  for the host and different  parties’ demands. If they have enough knowledge and experience, Gentlemen and Ladies will know how to shop and select clothing that “suits” a specific situation. However, there is a truth that - we tend to have a lot of outfits but rarely have a “pair of shoes dedicated to a specific outfit." Therefore, how we choose and coordinate a “limited shoe wardrobe" for numerous outfits and parties will show many things about styles, personality, and sophistication.   

Here, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam offers some shoe recommendations for luxurious, easy-to-mix, and versatile shoes for both Gentlemen and Ladies.  


2 - Recommendations For Ladies: “Stand Out Elegantly!

How can a Lady avoid standing out but not overshadowing the party's host? The answer lies in moderate and subtle accents.  



(Figure 2 - Pierre Cardin Women’s Square Heel Shoes - PCWFWSG 216 (+6cm)


  • Pierre Cardin Women's Square Heel Shoes - PCWFWSG 216 (+6cm) can become the most attractive feature of the overall outfit. The accessory on the shoe's toe and the curves on the shoe's body create a unique style for the lady.

  • These shoes have two colors - ELEGANT BLACK & VIBRANT RED. The red shade leans towards a red-pink tone, so Ladies do not worry about the “brilliance" under the party lights. 

  • The square sole and toe design performs a classic and sophisticated feature. The heel height is approximately 6 centimeters, ensuring comfort for the Lady, especially during standing parties or when the Lady hosts the party.


3 - Recommendations For Gentlemen: “Sophisticated But Not Monotonous!

Oxford Shoes is always the “Top of mind" choice when Gentlemen need Dress Shoes. This shoe style stands at the top position for luxury, decent, and suitability when mixed with a suit. However, Oxford Shoes can easily give an “attire" and monotonous feel if Gentlemen mix and match the outfit too “safely." Gentlemen should choose a classic Oxford style with a unique color.    



(Figure 3 - Pierre Cardin Classic Oxford Leather Shoes - PCMFWLG 355) 


  • The sole of the shoe is handcrafted using the traditional McKay/Good-Year technique from Europe. This technique provides durability that can extend the shoe's lifespan up to 4 years. At business parties, these Dress Shoes will boost the Gentlemen's confidence and contribute to asserting their prestige with clients/ partners.

  • The rubber sole is combined with a leather sole to prevent slipping. Therefore, whether the party is indoors or outdoors, the shoes ensure convenience for Gentlemen.

  • Besides Gold, shoes are also available in two basic colors, Black and Brown, which are classic colors suitable for all outfits.


These are some recommendations from Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam for year-end festival parties. We wish our Customers a joyful and brilliant festival season.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy

Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc


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