The Archery Shoes #772 - Supporting Endurance For “Warriors” Spirit

1 - “Slow Down" In The Headwinds Of The Market

In 2023, after two years of suffering an unfortunate “slowdown" of the COVID-19 pandemic; we are continually confronting various concerns. Some businesses have recently laid off their workforce. The stock market is unstable. The food prices are increasing. Or certain industries have reached saturation. Jobs are hard to seek, but there are many responsibilities and burdens to overcome.     


Những khó khăn chung của thị trường đòi hỏi chúng ta phải chậm lại

(Figure - The difficulties in life force us to "slow down" and put greater effort) 


Once again, we are forced to “slow down". Instead of bravely exploring new industries, we “slow down" to improve our current expertise. Instead of quickly pursuing individual plans and goals, we “slow down" to observe and patiently await the potential opportunities. Instead of being carefree and comfortable with personal pleasures, we "slow down" to accumulate more for the future. Difficulties demand that we put in more effort, more patience, and be more consistent


2 - The Archery Shoes #772 - Supporting Endurance For “Warriors" Spirit

Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam empathize and understand for the “unintentional warrior” in the headwinds of the market; we introduced The Archery Shoes #772 - inspired by the art of archery

An arrow can only reach its target when the archer has spent a hard time training, focusing entirely, dedicated, and waiting for the wind to blow in the right direction. With details simulating a bow's limb and straightforward Brogue patterns, the shoes carry the energy of determination, patience, resolve, and dedication to conquer.

In particular, The Archery Shoes #772 is released with a highly impressive Pre - Order price: 


RETAIL PRICE: 3.490.000





WITHIN 15 - 30 DAYS, Customers will receive products. This is an incredibly “economical" offer because Customers only need to make a deposit of 290.000, and then pay the remaining 700.000 through COD (Cash On Delivery). Customers only need to save 23.000/day to have the brand-new product - The Archery Shoes #772.  



The product is made of Nappa Leather - a 150-year-old leather technology known for its soft and highly durable characteristics compared to regular cowhide. Nappa material is a top choice in the leather industry, often used for accessories, shoes, and luxurious furniture. Therefore, this is a high-quality investment that provides a durable consumer solution, enhancing confidence for Customers on their upcoming journey.     

The Archery Shoes #772 is like Pierre Cardin's support for endurance “warrior." The Pre-order program  has been running from 15/10/2023 to 15/11/2023Customers can visit: to explore more information about the product! 



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy

Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc

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