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Despite being separated by thousands of miles, the worlds of and West have always maintained a profound connection throughout history. This accompanying culture creates diversity and fosters creativity, and the realm of fashion is no exception to this prevailing current. Let's explore the resonation of Western Fashions and Asian Art with Pierre Cardin!


1 - Thousands Mile Of East-West And The Continuation Of Heritage

Thousands of years ago, around the 2nd century BC, humanity initiated a journey from the East to the West along the famous "Silk Road." Beyond being a commercial route, it symbolized the magical connection between civilizations. Silk, a magnificent invention of China, reached the West and became the foundation for renowned Italian silk fabrics. Likewise, leather, a traditional material of Europe, traveled thousands of miles to Asia, inspiring the leather crafting of Japanese Bespoke Shoes.


Nghệ thuật Pháp Lam du nhập từ phương Tây, mang đậm dấu ấn mỹ thuật Á Đông

(Figure 1 - Phap Lam Art originated from the West, imbued with Asian art)


Another story of perfect harmony between the worlds of East-West lies in the art of “Pháp Lam”. Originating from the Limoges region in France, this technique was later adopted and adapted by Asian countries, resulting in distinct ethics brushstrokes. In Vietnam, the art of “Pháp Lam" emerged at its pinnacle within the architecture of the Imperial city of Hue.

The East-West resonation is a generation, acceptance, assimilation, and improvement journey. Certainly, the encounter of various heritages continues to create new legacies on preserving and conserving exceptional values.


2 - Leather Shoes Pierre Cardin - Western Fashion Resonates Asia Art

Born 200 years ago, Dress Shoes are a part of Western fashion heritage. These shoes have traveled the world from palaces across the continent, captivating elegant Gentlemen. In some Asian countries, Dress Shoes are a mandatory workplace dress code.

Similar to silk, leather, or pottery, Dress Shoes represent the aesthetic resonation of various cultures. This amalgamation has enabled Dress Shoes to locate its position in Asia and become a global fashion heritage. Original designs are adapted to create unique shoe models in colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes to suit Asian feet. 


Giày Tây Pierre Cardin

(Figure 2 - Dress Shoes have undergone the process of importation and improvement to suit Asian Customers)


Pierre Cardin is one of the iconic French fashion brands. Growing in the cultural heritage of Paris, the brand fully understood the spirit of Western aesthetic in the city of art. Simultaneously, as a global brand in 140 countries and territories, Pierre Cardin comprehends the significance of interference and local cultural connection.


Giày Horsebit Loafer Pierre Cardin - PCMFWLE 336

(Figure 3  - Horsebit Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLE 336 with antique wood grain color, exuding the essence of Vietnam)


In Vietnam, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam is the number one of Dress Shoes and Leather Accessories. Throughout decades of companionship with the Asian world, Pierre Cardin Paris aims to create "European" shoes that bold the sense of “Asia.” The designs are crafted to evoke familiarity to Customers, such as the Horsebit Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLE 336 with wood grain color, reminiscent of Vietnamese architectural heritage, or the Black Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLG 083, with the shapes inspired by the well-known world cuisine of “Bánh Mì”.

Western Fashion and Asian Art naturally blend in Leather Shoes’s Pierre Cardin. Undoubtedly, we inherit and contribute to preserving cultural values.


3 - Pierre Cardin Moccasin - PCMFWLG 518: Asian Brushstrokes on French Leather Shoes

The Pierre Cardin Moccasin Shoes - PCMFWLG 518 is the most exceptional fusion version of Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam. The design is inspired by Asia Art, depicting a powerful and majestic lion under the shining sun. The lion symbolizes strength, dignity, and a spirit ready to conquer. Moreover, it brings plentiful energy and attracts excellent prosperity for the owner.

The shoes are made of premium Cowhide Leather, 100% imported and crafted to European standards. The shoe's design combines elements of Loafer and Moccasin, providing overall strength and flexibility. The rubber sole is super lightweight, specially anti-slip.

These shoes are an ideal choice for daily fashion styles and perfectly reflect the owner's "taste."


Giày Tây Pierre Cardin 518

(Figure 5 - Pierre Cardin Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLG 518 with a design reflecting the essence of the East)


Above is the story of the interference of East-West values and the brand Pierre Cardin's design full of connectivity. We hope this article has provided you with valuable information and exciting suggestions.

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Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy
Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc

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