Pierre Cardin Premium Sandals - A Gift For “ Big Children”

1 - “The Wild Childhood" Of The 8x, and 9x: Sandal, Martin Bicycles, And Four Button Game Consoles

“Play matches after school's out." - young kids shouted. As soon as the school bell rang, these children immediately ran to the gaming net. The familiar image of the 8s and 9s on going to school was wearing white shirts and blue shorts, put on their used sandals and pedaled their Martin bicycles. Each tried to run as fast as possible to earn their favorite game tokens, such as Contra, Mario, Tank Battle, or Bomb Placer. They were captivated by their early gaming adventures. They would definitely seek a rematch battle with their friends if they lost.


(Figure 1 - The noslogistic childhood scene of the 8x and 9x generation)


Sandals and bicycles constantly endure people for every fun, and even the occasional scolding from their mother for skipping school to play games. Classmates gathered, sharing the joy without any barriers. The childhood of the 8s and 9s was colourful and memorable despite not having the Internet, smartphones, TVs, or tablets. 


2 - Adults Dream Childhood Dreams

Every child has to grow up; therefore, the familiar sandals in their childhood will become tight. White shirts and school uniforms will be replaced with office white shirts. By this means, the races of life grew longer, more challenging, and took more responsibilities. The modern screens no longer had a place for four button game consoles. Childhood friends have their own lives, and they go their separate ways. 

Surely, no “ grown-up people" can resist the familiar sound from their childhood gaming consoles. Any adult does not pass a bakery selling nostalgic moments full of their childhood. The gap between "grown-ups" seems narrower when they share stories of "When I was a kid, I used to..." Amazingly, the image of a mischievous child wearing sandals returns because adults always wish to be “young" forever within the adult's body. Moreover, childhood will not disappear since we never choose to forget it. 


(Figure 2 - The objects associated with childhood always attract adult)


Suddenly taking familiar objects and putting on old styles of shoes - individuals feel "lighting, freedom, and security". That may be why many Gentlemen still choose the classic two strap sandals. Four button game consoles are still sought after by gamers. Old movie photos are always treasured. It is our world where we can be ourselves and take care of our mental well-being in a busy life.    


“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older" 

- Tom Stoppard -


2 - Pierre Cardin Premium Sandal - A Gift For “Big Children"

Inspired by the “childhood dreams" of “big children", Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam released the pair of Premium Sandal #152 and #153 in the market as the childhood gift to Gentleman. With a higher quality level and crafting technique, these sandals are suitable for work and “grown-up" life. We hope to provide Customers the most “lighting, freedom, and security” feeling. 


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Deluxe Sandals - INNER CHILD (#152 + #153)

(Figure 3 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: “A Small Childhood Gift - Fostering A Big Journey")


  • The design closely resembles the familiar sandals from childhood, with extremely durable straps. These sandals are suitable for all outfits, from jeans and tailored trousers to shorts.

  • Made from 100% imported Cowhide Leather Full Grain 1, exude sophistication, polite for Gentlemen at the workplace. The authentic leather surface with highly absorbent pores minimizes unpleasant odors. Additionally, these leather sandals are easy to clean and save time on washing and drying.

Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Deluxe Sandals - PCMFWLG 152 (GOLD)
(Figure 4 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Premium Pierre Cardin Sandals - PCMFWLG 152 (GOLD)
  • The inner lining of the sandals features massage beads for comfort and flexibility during movement. The rubber sole is super-lightweight and has high adhesion.

  • The pair of sandals are in four colors for Gentlemen: Navy Blue, Gold, Black, and Brown.

Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Deluxe Sandals - PCMFWLG 153 (BLACK)
(Figure 5 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Pierre Cardin Premium Sandals - PCMFWLG 153 (BLACK)

We hope our Customers will have an exceptional experience with the latest Pierre Cardin collection. 

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