Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam & Oscar Fashion - Premium Product Warranty Process

Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam & Oscar Fashion are committed to bringing the best experiences for our Customers, we would like to provide detailed information about our Premium Product Warranty Policy.


1 - When Is The Product Warranted?


Products from Official Website Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam & Oscar Fashion are warranted when:

  • Leather surface cracks, peels, natural creases 

  • Products are adhesive failure, stitching loosening, logo falling off, strap ripping, or rubber sole coating peeling up




2 - Warranty Period  

Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam & Oscar Fashion has warranty period depending on the leather quality:


Thời gian bảo hành Pierre Cardin tùy theo chất liệu da
(Figure 1 - Product Warranty Period of Pierre Cardin & Oscar Fashion)
  • Leather Shoes, handcrafted based on McKay/ Good-year technique: 24 months;

  • Genuine Calf Leather products - Cement Sole: 06 - 12 months;

  • PU Leather - Synthetic - Synthetic Leather: 06 months.


3 - Warranty Process

STEP 1: Customers contact Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam and provide warranty information 

  • Note: Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam only accept warranty information for product purchased Online on the website: https://pierre-cardin.vn/     

  • Hotline: 0888 560 606 (083 222 2079)


STEP 2: Customers wait for confirmation from the Warranty Department 

  • The Warranty Department receives information from Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam's hotline, and conducts an assessment; 

  • The Warranty Department will proactively contact the Customer and guide detailed warranty steps.


STEP 3: Customers receive the warranted products

  • After the product is confirmed and warrantied, the Warranty Department will announce the Customers to receive the product. 

  • Customers check the product and pay the warranty fees (if applicable)

Quy trình Bảo Hành của Pierre Cardin
(Figure 2 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam & Oscar Fashion - Premium Product Warranty Process)

4 - Additional Notes

A) Product NOT included in the Warranty policy   

Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam & Oscar Fashion DOES NOT WARRANTY in cases of: 

  • Products in the Outlets Collection (Discounted prices over 50%)

  • Products are scratched, worn, or melted due to cutting/piercing/burning; bitten by animals;

  • Product NOT warrant properly as per usage instruction (React with chemicals, fire, water, or heavy objects pressing on them,...);

  • Products NOT ability to restore (senesced, deteriorated, seriously damaged)


B) Support Warranty Policy (WITH FEES) 

Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam & Oscar Fashion support Customers with WARRANTY FEES in cases of

  • Products out of warranty according to regulation

  • Products in the Outlets Collection (basic promotion over 50%)

  • Products with unverifiable purchase history, invoice.


The warranty fees will be obviously announced to Customers, depending on the product's condition. After receiving approval from Customers, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam & Oscar Fashion will conduct the warranty process. 

Above is the detailed information about Product Warranty Policy of Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam & Oscar Fashion. We hope this article will be helpful for Customers. If Customers have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam to get detailed clarification.   



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