5 Most Tremendous Dress Shoes In The First Half Of 2023

Dress Shoes are an indispensable part of every Gentleman's daily office attire. What are the most elegant and versatile choices for discerning Gentlemen?

Let's explore the 5 Most Tremendous Dress Shoes In The First Half of 2023 at Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam!



1 - Pierre Cardin - Leading The Number One Of Footwear And Leather Accessories Retail Chain In Vietnamese Market

From the past until now, Dress Shoes have always symbolized independence, charisma, and masculinity for Gentlemen. Fathers would gift leather shoes to their sons, signifying the passing of leadership within the family. In 19th-century England, Dress Shoes accompanied generals to the battlefield and adorned the feet of guests at luxurious banquets.  

For office-bound gentlemen, Dress Shoes are an essential daily companion. A well-crafted pair epitomizes solemness and ambition in career.


"How qualified must a pair of Dress Shoes be?"


Quality Dress Shoes must be precise in material, manufacturing process, and finished product. Authentic leather is a must. The shoe's form should exude strength, neatness, and harmony with one's attire. Most importantly, the chosen pair should imbue The Gentleman with absolute confidence.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: TOP OF THE WORLD (2023)


Pierre Cardin stands tall among the world's most prestigious fashion brands, hailing from the fashion capital in Paris (France). In Vietnam, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam is THE NUMBER ONE OF FOOTWEAR AND LEATHER ACCESSORIES RETAIL CHAIN. The brand owns 100 retail locations across 50 provinces and cities in Vietnam, presented in three showcase Asian countries (Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia).


2 - 5 Most Tremendous Dress Shoes For the First Half Of 2023

A) TOP 1: Horsebit Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLE 700

The Horsebit Loafer meets all Customers’ requirements on showing its elegant, stylish, and versatile enough to pair with tailored trousers and shorts.

The Horsebit Loafer was born as an attempt to break the restricted regulations of British formal shoes, making it a symbol of glamorous, youthfulness, and innovation. Talented and esteemed Ivy League students and former US President George H.W. Bush performed it.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Horsebit Loafer - PCMFWLE 700

(Figure 1 - Masterpiece Horsebit Loafer - PCMFWLE 700)


The Horsebit Loafer - PCMFWLE 700 inherits all the essence of the traditional Horsebit Loafer, combining premium materials and crafting technique from Pierre Cardin. The distinctive horsebit ornament is plated with gold, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to the shoe. The Horsebit Loafer - PCMFWLE 700 is undoubtedly the perfect choice for sophisticated, modern Gentlemen oriented towards the future.


B) TOP 2: Loafer Shoes - PCMFMWLE 767

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" A simple design exposes every weakness, demanding the highest-quality materials and crafting technique. 


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLE 767

(Figure 2 - Pierre Cardin Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLE 767 is a classic Loafer style)


The Modern Loafer - PCMFMWLE 767 features an unembellished surface that highlights the genuine imported cowhide leather. Every stitch on the shoe is neat and purposeful, leaving no room for excess. This minimalist pair is tailored for meticulous individuals who epitomize the understated elegance of true Gentlemen.


C) TOP 3: Derby Shoes - PCMFWLE 766

If you only need one luxury Dress Shoe in the wardrobe, Gentlemen should consider the classic Derby Shoes. Derby belongs to the Dress Shoes category, offering enough formality for important meetings and gatherings. Its open-lacing design makes it suitable for various foot sizes and less restrictive than Oxford shoes.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Derby Shoes - PCMFWLE 766

(Figure 3 - The Derby  Shoes - PCMFWLG 766 by Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam)


Pierre Cardin Derby Shoes - PCMFWLG 766 by Pierre Cardin features the classic Dress Shoes design. Premium imported cowhide leather ensures a neat and sturdy form, exuding unparalleled sophistication when paired with tailored trousers.


D) TOP 4: Horsebit Driving Shoes - PCMFWLG 706

The Horsebit Driving Shoes - PCMFWLG 706 is inspired by the classic Horsebit Loafers, featuring the signature P logo accessory of the premium brand Pierre Cardin. However, it offers a more comfortable and versatile version.

The shoe's spacious design and laceless structure ensure comfort for all foot shapes and sizes. The outsole is thoughtfully crafted with multiple deep grooves, providing enhanced traction for those frequently on the move or engaging in long-distance driving.

Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Horsebit Driving - PCMFWLE 706

(Figure 4 - The Horsebit Driving Shoe - PCMFWLG 706)



E) TOP 5: Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLE 722

If Gentlemen are wondering between classic and uniquely designed shoes, The Classic Loafer - PCMFWLE 722 is the perfect choice. The design of the laceless Loafers is minimalistic, featuring innovative stitching details on the vamp. This idea creates a striking impression without compromising elegance. 

The unique stitching also produces a slimming effect, elongating the appearance of the feet and complementing the tall and tidy stature of the discerning Gentleman.


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Loafer - PCMFWLE 722

(Figure 5 - Pierre Cardin Men's Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLE 722 are made from 100% cow leather, featuring a laceless design that adds elegance and sophistication to your outfit)


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(Figure 6 - DISCOUNT CODES to customers (100K - 1M)


Above are the 5 Most Tremendous Dress Shoes in the First Half of 2023 from the premium brand Pierre Cardin. Customers available visit an Official Website (https://pierre-cardin.vn) to select your favorite pair of shoes with many beneficial offers!



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


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