The Merx Shoes (#778) | What Significance Points Out A “Masterpiece"

The Merx Shoes (#778) is the latest masterpiece of Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam, released at the end of 2023. The Merx Shoes (#778) has a unique design, and also ensures high-quality crafting in every detail, which affirms the brand's reputation from Europe. 

From 13/12/2023 to 31/12/2023, Customer can Pre-Order the product with the price: 


RETAIL PRICE: 3.490.000

PRE-ORDER PRICE: 1.190.000 



1 - Imported Italian Metal Buckle 

The metal Monkstrap buckle, a highlight of The Merx Shoes (#778) - is directly imported from Italy. Italy, the cradle of Roman civilization and the Renaissance, is renowned for its delicate and aesthetical products. Therefore, the buckle on the #778 shoes exude a balance of beauty-impressive and sophisticated.  


(Video 1 - The metal Monkstrap buckle of The Merx Shoes (#778) is directly imported from Italy)


The edges and corners of the buckle are skillfully rounded, soft enough not to damage the leather material. Yet, they retain enough "sharpness" to complement the overall sophistication. The surface of the buckle is covered with a smoky gray paint, harmonizing with the shoe color and featuring a subtle shine. The Pierre Cardin brand name is sharply engraved. The buckle is large, thick, robust, and masculine.


2 - Nappa Leather - 150-Year-Old Leather Tanning Techniques 

The Merx Shoes #778 is crafted from Nappa cowhide - a leather tanning technique originated in 1875. Nappa leather is known for its softness feature, antibacterial properties, and extreme durability. Starting from the raw material, roughout leather is carefully selected from full-grain leather (1st ranking) to preserve the natural characteristics. Then, the chrome leather tanning process maximizes their advantages. This top material is used for premium items - where every touch is glamorous. 


The Merx Shoes #778 Pierre Cardin có chất liệu da bò nappa

(Picture 2 - The Merx Shoes (#778) has premium Nappa Cowhide Leather (100%) 


3 - Talon Technology For Health Support

Beyond its impressive styles, The Merx Shoes (#778) is also a perfect choice for dynamic office Customers. The inner talon lining is equipped with additional padding that can "compensate" for gaps in the foot.  Besides, the ventilation holes ensure comfortability throughout long days.  

Lớp đệm Talon êm ái của The Merx Shoes #778

(Picture 3: The comfortable talon lining provides excellent support for your feet)


4 - Exclusive Sole, Latest In 2023 

The Merx Shoes (#778) features the latest sole design for 2023. The sole's color matches seamlessly with the shoe color, creating a cohesive look that contributes to its elegance. The sole pattern follows a Pattern style, featuring the exclusive "P" logo from the Pierre Cardin brand.


Đế giày độc quyền của The Merx Shoes #778(Picture 4 - The latest and exclusive sole version of Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam)  


It can be said that The Merx Shoes (#778) truly deserves to be the highlight of Pierre Cardin in the year of 2024, showing differentiated quality in every detail. 


From 12/11/2023 to 31/12/2023, Customers can Pre-Order the masterpiece The Merxe Shoes (#778) with the price of 1.190.000đAfter 31/12/2023, The Merx Shoes #778 products will be available in 100 Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam stores at the retail price of 3.490.000đ (VND).


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam is a premium French fashion brand -  NUMBER ONE DRESS SHOES & LEATHER ACCESSORIES SYSTEM IN VIETNAM. We are committed to providing Customers with the best experience in luxury fashion products. 



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Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy

Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc

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