Special Offer - Save Up To 2.5 Million When Pre-Order New Model (#772)

1 - New Model, Trial Price - Pay Only 700k!

The Archery Shoes - Premium Penny Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLH 772 are the latest Dress Shoes of Pierre Cardin. The product has yet to be officially released in the 100 Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam stores. 

Pre-Order program is running from 15/10/2023 to 15/11/2023 with a special prices:  


RETAIL PRICE: 3.490.000


Deposit 290.000 - Pay 700.000 upon delivery  


After the 15/11 Pre-Order program ends, The Archery Shoes #772 will be on the shelf with a retail price of 3.490.000. If Pre-Ordering at 990.000, Customers would save up to 2.500.000. After 03 - 05 DAYS from 15/11/2023, products will be delivered to Customers.  

*Deposit now at: https://pierre-cardin.vn/products/giay-penny-loafer-cao-cap-pierre-cardin-pcmfwlh-772


(Digital Resource 1: Pierre Cardin Deluxe Penny Loafer - PCMFWLH 772 (Deposit 290.000 VNĐ - Own it now)


This Pre-Order price is the most “economical” price for a product in the premium Deluxe Choice shoe line. Premium Penny Loafer (#772) has various features:

  • Nappa Calf Leather - a 150-year-old leather technology featuring its softness and extreme durability. This is the top leather material in the leather industry, usually used for accessories, shoes, and luxury furniture. 

  • The shoe design is inspired by the Archery aesthetic - with details simulating a bow's limb and straightforward Brogue patterns. The shoes carry the energy of determination, patience, resolve, and dedication to conquer;  

  • The rubber sole matches the shoe’s color in the limited Pierre Cardin logo print and first debut. The talon lining has cushioning and arch support, bringing comfort all day long and encouraging Gentlemen of “stability” on their career path.


2 - Only 5 pairs at 990.000! Pre-Order now 

Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Penny Loafer - PCMFWLH 772 (Pre-order Event)

(Digital Resource 2: Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam - Saving Up To 2.500.000 VNĐ. Just Deposit 220.000 VNĐ  - Own It Now)




Price 990.000

Deposit 290.000 - Shop now 



The Pre-Order program only has 5 pairs left. Customers quickly place a deposit to own it now! 

STEP 1: Proceed with a Pre-Order deposit of just 290.000 through the following methods: online payment, transfer according to detailed information, or QR code below 

  • Account name: EMALL TRADING AND SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY - Bank account: 169325869

  • Bank: ACB Bank – Saigon Branch

  • Transfer description: FULL NAME_ORDER CODE_ PHONE NUMBER 

Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: QR Code (Công Ty Emall)
(Digital Resource 3: QR Code Bank Transfer Deposit 290.000 VNĐ - Applicable To Pre-Order Purchases)


STEP 2: FROM 15 - 30 DAYS FROM ORDERING, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam will start the delivery process. Customers will receive products within 03-05 days from the delivery date.


STEP 3: Customers pay the remaining 700.000 through COD (Cash On Delivery).


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam notices again: The 990.000 price is only for Customers who Pre-Order from 15/10 - 15/11/2023After 15/11, Premium Penny Loafer #772 will be priced at the retail price of 3.490.000.

Customers quickly deposit to own the latest product at the most favorable price!



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam

Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy

Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc

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