PRE-ORDER | Why Do Pre-Order Prices Differ Across Programs?

Pre-order promotion campaign is a program to reserve a product before it is available on the store shelf. The pre-order price is usually lower than the retail price. Customers typically have to wait 15 days or more to receive products.   

At Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam, pre-order programs for leather shoes are quite common. However, the Pre-Order price range constantly varies. In early 2023, Pierre Cardin introduced the Premium Driving Shoes (#520) with a price of 1,490,000đ. Then, it was followed by The Archery Shoes (#772) with a pre-order price of 990,000đ. The latest product is The MERX Shoes (#778), which is currently available for pre-order price at 1,190,000đ.


"So, Why the difference in prices across Pre-Order programs?"


1 - Differences In Products/ Items

The differences in Pre-Order prices primarily depend on the products, particularly in material, crafting technique, etc. The higher the quality of materials and technique, the higher the pre-order price. For instance, Casual Shoes (#520) is made of premium cowhide leather and handcrafted sole stitching, while The Archery Shoes (#772) has soft and durable Nappa Cowhide Leather. 

Therefore, each pre-order program will have a specific price range and duration. At Pierre Cardin, the quantity and frequency of the pre-order program are not fixed. Pierre Cardin always ensures to offer Customers the best products at special prices in each pre-order program. 



The MERX Shoes (#778) is the latest pre-order masterpiece from Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam, which combines innovative design with high-quality materials and crafting



"Versatile Movement - Modern Rhythm Of Life"


Pierre Cardin Premium Single Monkstrap - PCMFWLI 778 is inspired by the god Mercury in the ancient Roman heritage who represents distinctive intelligence, speed, and flexibility. Therefore, this shoe style combines the uniqueness of Monkstrap and the practicality of laceless Loafer.  


Pierre Cadin Paris Vietnam | Pierre Cardin Premium Single Monkstrap - PCMFWLI 778 (BLACK)

(Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam | Single Monkstrap - PCMFWLI 778 - BLACK (The MERX Shoes)


  • In terms of design, the shoe features the distinctive Single Monkstrap metal buckle cleverly combined with rubber band parts, bringing easy wearing /taking off without the need to open/close the buckle;

  • The Monkstrap buckle is directly imported from Italy. The edges and corners of the buckle are skillfully rounded - soft enough not to damage the leather material. There are extremely enough "lines'' to maintain the overall elegance;   

  • The surface of the buckle is coated with a smoky gray paint, harmonizing with the shoe color and having a slight shine. The Pierre Cardin brand name is prominently engraved, creating an impressive focal point that modernizes both formal and casual outfits.


Pierre Cadin Paris Vietnam | Pierre Cardin Premium Single Monkstrap - PCMFWLI 778 (BROWN)

(Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam | Single Monkstrap - PCMFWLI 778 - BROWN (The MERX Shoes)


  • Made from Nappa Cowhide - a 150-year-old leather technology known for its softness and durability. The insole provides comfortable cushioning, ensuring Gentlemen's confidence and comfort throughout the day;

  • The Pierre Cardin logo pattern sole version is exclusive and the latest for the Fall/ Winter season (2023 - 2024).


2 - Unlimited Time & Exclusive Chance 

From 13/12/2023 to 15/01/2024, customers are able to get pre-order price wih the masterpiece - The MERX Shoes (#778) with the price of:


RETAIL PRICE: 3.990.000

PRE-ORDER PRICE: 1.190.000 



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: Sinle Monkstrap - PCMFWLI 778

(Documented picture - The quality of materials and crafting technique is the primary reason for the fluctuation in the program's prices)  


PRE-ORDER PROGRAM: The MERX Shoes (#778) is currently available for a limited time. Customers can place a deposit to own the shoes today at the best price! Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam once emphasized again: The price of 1.990.000đ (VND) is only for customers who get buy this pre-order item the product from 12/12/2023 to 15/01/2024.



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy

Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc

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