Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam | Spring Festival 2024 With Thousands Of Premium Offers

Pierre Cardin is a premium fashion brand from France. In Vietnam, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam holds the NUMBER ONE OF VIETNAM DRESS SHOES & LEATHER ACCESSORIES SYSTEM.

Immersing in the joyful festive atmosphere of the Lunar New Year, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam would like to introduce to our valued Customer the new program:




From 05/01/2024 to 08/02/2024 (until the 30th day of Tet); Customers can own luxury items at extremely attractive prices - when shopping online at the Official Website:

1 - 50% SALE OFF +++ For The 24 Newest Products of The Year (2024)


Giảm 50%++ cho sản phẩm giày nam mới Pierre Cardin

(Picture 1 - Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam: “50% Sale Off +++ for the 24 newest leather shoes at Official Website”)


2 - EXTRA GIFT 1 MILLION - 2 MILLIONS When Shopping During The Golden Hour Discount 

During the fixed time of 17h - 20h daily, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam will additionally discount from 1 MILLION - 2 MILLIONS for some randomly selected products. This means Customers will receive up to 2 ranges of discounts:


  • RANGE 1: 50% Special Sale Off ++  

  • RANGE 2: Extra 1 MILLION to 2 MILLIONS off for the golden hour discount


3 - SAME PRICE (390K - 1990K) FLASH SALES For Men's/ Women's Shoes

Besides the additional discount program on the promotional price, Pierre Cardin also offers a shopping cart with SAME PRICES from 390K - 1990K, applicable at:




*For Lady:

  • SAME PRICE 390K - 490K - 690K - 990K: Fashionable Women's Shoes/ Sandals/ Slippers;

  • SAME PRICE 1190K: Genuine leather high heels for Women;


Đồng giá giày nữ Pierre Cardin từ 390k - 1190k

(Picture 2 - Pierre Cardin Women Shoes currently has a preferential “Same Price Offer - Starting From 390K") 


*For Gentlemen:

  • SAME PRICE 590K - 790K - 990K: Versatile Men’s Shoes/ Slippers; 

  • SAME PRICE 1190K: Premium Men’s Office Shoes;

  • SAME PRICE 1290K -  1490K - 1990K: Deluxe Choice Men's Shoes (Branded Shoes - Worth Price)


4 - WEBSITE VOUCHERS (50K - 100K - 200K - 500K - 700K - 1 MILLION - 2 MILLION)

When shopping online on the Official Website, Customers will receive additional voucher for orders from 1 million: 

* Apply vouchers simultaneously with the LÌ XÌ and SAME PRICE FLASH SALES programs: 

  • VOUCHER 50K: Extra 50.000 off for a 1 million bill;

  • VOUCHER 100K: Extra 100.000 off for a 1.5 million bill;

  • VOUCHER 200K: Extra 200.000 off for a 2 million bill;

  • VOUCHER 300K: Extra 300.000 off for a 2.5 million bill;

  • VOUCHER 500K: Extra 500.000 off for a 3 million bill;

  • VOUCHER 700K: Extra 700.000 off for a 4 million bill;

  • VOUCHER 1M: Extra 1.000.000 off for a 5 million bill;

  • VOUCHER 2M: Extra 2.000.000 off for a 10 million bill.


5 - CHANCE TO OWN “GOLDEN DRAGON 9999” - Valued At 10.000.000

From 05/01/2024 to 08/02/2024 (until the 30th day of Tet); Customers with the highest invoice value will receive the "Golden Dragon 9999" from Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam - Valued up to 10,000,000đ (VND).

Don't wait any longer, visit the Official Website: https://pierre-cardin.vn, in order to shop for luxury items at supper affordable prices!


Pierre Cadin Paris Vietnam: Vietnamese Tết (Countdown 2024)

(Picture 3 - Opportunity To Own Golden Dragon 99999 - Only Chance At Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam (2024)


Sale products may run out of sizes quickly. Customers now quickly place your orders promptly for more choices and timely delivery!




Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


Content Creator: Nguyễn Hà Bảo Thy

Translator: Lê Lâm Bảo Ngọc

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