Pierre Cardin: “I Am Challenging And An Explorer"

As the leader of Space Age styles, first establishing the “ready-to-wear” industry, and leading the boundaries of material, the life and career of legendary designer Pierre Cardin are truly an unlimited exploration.

1 - “Challenger And Explorer" - Who Breaks Every Boundary 

At the young age of 20, Pierre Cardin was an outstanding protégé of Christian Dior, acknowledged by the legend as the core figure of “future of Haute Couture”. However, Pierre Cardin decided to go on his own journey. 

With Pierre Cardin, fashion was a playground, and his greatest desire was just: "simply to be creative". Deriving inspiration not from the heritage of the past, but from a futuristic, scientific vision, his designs were influenced by the Space Age when humans venture into space in the space age area. With “square-cut dresses liberating the body, circular cuts, and satellite orbit-inspired sleeve tubes” (The New York Times). To fuel the imagination, Pierre Cardin pioneered the application of materials like PVC, LED lights, metals, and even created Cardine fabric, which holds standard form when copped geometric structures and remains wrinkle-free when folded.


Những thiết kế hiện đại của Pierre Cardin

(Picture 1 - With Pierre Cardin, fashion was a playground for unleashing creativity)


With a vision set “among the stars” (Vogue Magazines); Pierre Cardin never wanted to limit their products for a certain customer range. He established the concept of ready - to - wear fashion and laid the foundation for Unisex fashion with the Cosmo collection in 1964. He was also the first European fashion designer to bring products to the Asia market and leveraged brand power to build a global empire.   

Throughout his 70-year career, Pierre Cardin never ceased to “challenge" and “explore". Despite being considered an “outsider”, he always continued to dream, innovate, and venture into the “unthinkable" area. From a young designer considered as the “future of Haute Couture", Sir. Pierre Cardin changed the future of the fashion industry.  


2 - The Innovative ADN In Every Product Of Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam 

Carrying the “ADN of innovation" from founder Pierre Cardin, Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam always sees each product as an exploration. Besides traditional Dress Shoes, we continually combine designs, improve functionality to bring the suitable products for Vietnamese customers.  

The most distinctive mark, embodying “the unique spirit" of Pierre Cardin in 2023 - THIS IS:


The Merx Shoes (#778)

“The blend of the uniqueness of Monkstrap and the practicality of laceless Loafer"



The Merx Shoes #778

(Picture 2 - The Merx Shoes (#778) is the blend of the uniqueness of Monkstrap and the practicality of laceless Loafer)


  • Pierre Cardin Premium Single Monkstrap - PCMFWLI 778 are inspired by the god Mercury in the ancient Roman heritage who represents distinctive intelligence, speed, and flexibility. Owning the god Mercury's special characteris, this shoes combines the uniqueness of Monkstrap and the practicality of laceless Loafer.

  • In terms of design, the shoe features the distinctive Single Monkstrap metal buckle cleverly combined with rubber band parts, bringing easy wearing /taking off without the need to open/close the buckle;

  • The Monkstrap buckle is directly imported from Italy. The stainless steel material, with a thick border design, creates a robust and masculine overall look. The smoke-gray coating harmonizes with the shoe color, adding a subtle accent without compromising elegance;  

  • Made from Nappa Cowhide - a 150-year-old leather technology known for its softness and durability. The insole provides comfortable cushioning, ensuring Gentlemen's confidence and comfort throughout the day;

  • The exclusive Pierre Cardin logo-patterned sole version and latest Fall/ Winter 2023 season.


From 12/12/2023 to 31/12/2023, Customers can Pre-Order the masterpiece The Merx Shoes (#778) with the price of 1.190.000đ (VND)


After 31/12/2023, The Merx Shoes #778 products will be available in 100 Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam stores at the retail price of 3.490.000đ (VND).


Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam is a premium French fashion brand - NUMBER ONE DRESS SHOES & LEATHER ACCESSORIES SYSTEM IN VIETNAM. We are committed to providing Customers with the best experience in luxury fashion products.



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


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