Monk Strap Shoes - From Medieval Monasteries To The Modern Gentleman’s “Walk-in Closet"

Monk Strap Shoes are among the oldest and most unique shoes in the Dress Shoes world. Let's discover the fascinating stories surrounding Monk Strap shoes with Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam

1 -  From Medieval Monasteries To “Walk-in Closet” Of Modern Gentlemen 

Originating not from royalty or the military; Monkstrap Shoes was born from Medieval Monasteries. Due to the practical necessity of labour and religious practice, the monks created leather shoes with metal buckets - endurance, discreet, and suitable for movement. This marked the precursor of Monkstrap Shoes.   

By the 19th century, English handmade shoe brands were inspired by these monk shoes, creating Monks Strap with a sleek form adhering to Dress Shoes standards and featuring a metal buckle. They quickly conquer Gentlemen, including Prince Edward.  


Giày Monk Strap

(Picture 1 - Monk Strap Shoes have a long history and have become an indispensable item for modern Gentlemen)


In the subsequent decades, Monkstrap Shoes continued to be endorsed by famous brands such as Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), Alexander McQueen, Al Bazar, … They are not asked about their fashionability; Monk Strap shoes officially entered the “Walk-in Closet '' of modern Gentlemen. 

The subtle alternative of the shoe buckle and classic standard of form - It is a balance that Gentlemen look for, in any era. Besides, the inherent “difference" from its origin helps Monk Strap shoes less constraint in the dress code. They become representatives of the styles of the modern Gentlemen - refined when needed, yet unafraid of change and innovation.   


2 - Single Monk Strap & Double Monk Strap - Which Choice Is Suitable?

Over time innovation, Monkstrap Shoes established two basic styles: 



A style with one metal buckle. It features a minimalist design, compact, and not overly prominent. Therefore, it suits Gentlemen who are elegant and appreciate subtlety.


Giày Single Monk Strap Pierre Cardin #367

(Picture 2 - The common Single Monk Strap model comes from Pierre Cardin)



This is the most popular type with two metal buckles, showcasing a bold and distinctive design. However, it can still be paired with suits and casual attire. With two buckles, Gentlemen can adjust for a better fit.


Giày Double Monk Strap Pierre Cardin #363

(Picture 3 - The stylish Double Monkstrap model comes from Pierre Cardin)


The choice between a Single Monk Strap and a Double Monkstrap depends on the individual preferences of the Gentleman. However, Double Monkstrap offers greater flexibility and is suitable for various styles. If there is hesitation about standing out, Gentlemen can choose subtle colors like brown and black or consider selecting appropriate buckle sizes.


3 - Recommendation: Premium Pierre Cardin Double Monk Strap - PCMFWLH 363 

Premium Pierre Cardin Double Monk Strap - PCMFWLH 363 is the latest product for the Fall/ Winter season of Pierre Cardin and the only Monk Strap shoes introduced in 2023. 


Giày Monk Strap #363 Pierre Cardin

(Picture 4 - Premium Pierre Cardin Double Monk Strap - PCMFWLH 363)


  • Premium Pierre Cardin Dress Shoes - PCMFWLH 363 (Italian Cowhide Leather) features a Double Monkstrap design with two silver buckles, combining unique Brogue patterns. Despite having two buckles, Gentlemen only need to adjust one for easy wearing/removal.

  • Shoes are made from Premium Italian Cowhide Leather (100%) - The leather industry’s epicenter, dating back to ancient Rome; with a thickness that meets the standards of 1.6 - 1.8mm. The surface is smooth, flawless, and naturally glossy over time.

Giày Monk Strap #363 Pierre Cardin màu Gold
(Picture 6 - Premium Pierre Cardin Double Monk Strap - PCMFWLH 363)
  • With brown color, the shoes are covered with hand-painted Patina, creating a unique color change effect on the toe cap. As the “color absorption” by the leather material varies, each Patina pair is a unique masterpiece for Customers. For those who appreciate a distinctive look, this is the perfect choice for Gentlemen. Additionally, the classic black promises to satisfy Gentlemen who prefer an original appearance.

  • The custom-made sole combines leather and rubber and is handcrafted using traditional Mckay technology from Europe. The rubber sole provides anti-slip properties and flexibility in various weather conditions and environments. The Premium Italian Cowhide Leather affirms the Gentlemen's position and "chicness".


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