Loafer Shoes Represent The Symbol Of Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam

Pierre Cardin Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLH 700 are the most inspired and favorite products on the Official Website of Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam. Let's discover its appeal around this design! 

1 - Pierre Cardin Loafer Shoes #700 - The Inspired Fashion Symbol At Official Website 

With over 26.000 hours, 1000 days, and 12 months of confronting the pandemic storm - Pierre Cardin Loafers (#700) remains the best-seller on the Official Website: https://pierre-cardin.vn. In the first time of release, a new product aggressively makes a “break-through” by reaching 500 pre-oder items (the-year-2021 pre-order campaign)


"What makes the Pierre Cardin Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLH 700 so attractive? 

The most beloved pair of shoes on Pierre Cardin's online channel"


It all comes down to design - impressive from the first glance. Pierre Cardin #700 Loafers belong to Horsebit Loafer styles, featuring the distinctive horse bit accessory. However, in this version, accessories are crafted more compactly, making it prominent without being ostentatious. This creates its feature, liberation, and a sense of “artist".   




(Material 1 - Pierre Cardin Loafer Shoes - PCMFWLH 700 is the most popular product on the Official Website)


Alternatively, shoes are made of imported genuine cowhide leather with a standard of 1.2 - 1.8 mm thickness, embossed with a grain pattern. Along with sturdy stitching, the overall shoe exudes the masculinity and sophistication of Dress Shoes. This design also helps minimize creasing during prolonged use.

Pierre Cardin Horsebit Loafer - PCMFWLH 700 can meet the “double” standards of Gentlemen: attractive without being “overly flashy” and sophistication without being “dull". For office shoes, Gentlemen can choose the Black models. The Brown or Navy models allow for a more personalized style for casual outings.  


Giày Lười Pierre Cardin #700

(Material 2 - The design of Pierre Cardin Loafer Shoes (#700) is fashionable and timeless)


With enduring vitality, the design of the Pierre Cardin Horsebit Loafer - PCMFWLH 700 has proven its timeless appeal. A shoe that never goes out of trend is always a “profitable" investment. Customers can use them at any time. The actual quality of products are guaranteed by the Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam - THE NUMBER ONE DRESS SHOES AND LEATHER ACCESSORIES IN VIETNAM.  

All these factors contribute to the irresistible charm of Pierre Cardin Horsebit Loafers - PCMFWLH 700, making them an iconic shoe of sales and official Website.   


2 - Pierre Cardin Horsebit Loafer (#700) - FLASH SALES (990K)

Pierre Cardin Horsebit Loafer - PCMFWLH 700 has a retail price of 2.990.000 on the Official Website. Customers can completely own the product at a price:  



During the hours of 22:00 (PM) - 02:00 (AM) daily 


Pierre Cadin Paris Vietnam: Horsebit Loafer - PCMFWLH 700 (BROWN)

(Material 3 - The Pierre Cardin Horsebit Loafer - PCMFWLH 700 has consistently been a top-selling product since 2021)


*Get this item at price of 990.000đ: https://pierre-cardin.vn/products/giay-nam-pierre-cardin-pcmfwle-700


Flash Sales only runs from 22:00 (PM) - 02:00 (AM) daily. Customers will save up to 2 MILLION compared to the retail price during this limited time.  

  • Pierre Cardin allows Customers to check the products and try the size before paying;

  • Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam offers free shipping, with delivery within 03 - 05 working days; 

  • Products can exchange size within 07 days. 


*Detailed the exchange size process while shopping (online): https://pierre-cardin.vn/blogs/news/pierre-cardin-paris-vietnam-oscar-fashion-quy-trinh-doi-san-pham-hang-hieu


The 990K Flash-sales campaign for Pierre Cardin Horsebit Loafer - PCMFWLG 700 is limited. Customers quickly own these stylish and affordable prices!



Pierre Cardin Paris Vietnam


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